Kitty City Tower

Kitty City
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Item number: SP-301 V6

Build your own cat furniture

Combine more than one unit to create unique, exciting structures

Variety of accessories to satisfy all your cat's playing needs

Kitty City tower


Size: 31.25 in height x 17.75 in width x 17.75 in depth (79.38 cm x 45.1 cm x 45.1 cm)

Included in the box:

1Platform with Toy
1Cube Home
1Scratching Post
12Easy Fittings
1Plug 'N' Play Toy
4Stability Caps

Built your own Kitty City collection

  1. Detachable Plug 'N' Play toys connect at any "Easy Fitting" opening.
  2. Platforms, ramps, and cubes are great for jumping, climbing, and hiding
  3. Reinforced pipes are thicker than standard pipes
  4. Multiple scratching surfaces promote healthy paws and protect furniture
  5. Universal joints easily connect to other kits and firmly hold structure together
Unoccupied Kitty City tower

Kitty City products are tested for durability, safety, and customer value. Kitty City promotes healthy exercise and prevents boredom and destructive behavior. The multitude of ramps, scratching posts, toys and hideouts will entertian your cat for hours!

Assembly will be a snap with our All-Direction "Easy Fittings". Also, most Kitty Cities come with a durable sisal scratching post. Not only does Kitty City satisfy your cat's scratching needs, but you have the ability to add to your Kitty City based on your cat's individual preferences. Need more hammocks? Attach a Kitty City Lookout. Need another room for privacy? Add a Kitty City Hideaway. Need toys? Every one of our Kitty Cities come with toys!

PDF icon Instructions for assembly

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UPC: 876173003014

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