Test-Um TG100 Multi-Function Tone Generator

Test-Um TG100 tone generator

The Test-Um TG100 multi-function tone generator allows one to trace and test phone lines. Requires one 9V alkaline battery, which is included.

The compact, ergonomic Tone Generator offers several easy-to-use capabilities to conduct line tracings and ensure proper signal path quality for data and voice installations. In addition to auto-off, multiple tone function, full talk battery, and low battery indicator, the Tone Generator performs wire and cable identification without having to make direct contact with a metallic conductor. Constant tone amplitude over the life of the battery means accurate and traceable tones even at end of battery life. Two tone amplitude levels —normal and half —extend tone reach. Quick-change tips enable easier use in the field.

Test-Um TG100




Manufacturer: Test-Um Inc.
Website: www.Test-Um.com
Phone: 805-383-1500
Part No.: TG100
UPC: 6 79364 00211 00211 3

679364002113 TG100 UPC

Note: Test-Um was acquired by JDSU on May 4th, 2006

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Data Sheet

Tone Generator (PDF, 0.17 MB)

Manual and User Guide

Tone Generator, Multi-Function User's Guide (English) (PDF, 0.42 MB)

Tone Generator TG100 TG101-TU9830 (German) (PDF, 0.16 MB)

ToneGenerator KP100-TU9830 TG100 (Spanish) (PDF, 0.17 MB)

Tone Generator TG101 TG100 (French) (PDF, 0.19 MB)

ToneGenerator KP100-TU9830 TG100 (Italian) (PDF, 0.19 MB)


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