Dynex External USB Drive Enclosure - M/N: DX-HDEN10

Dynex M/N: DX-HDEN10 drive enclosure

Dynex DX-HDEN10 aluminum USB 2.0 hard drive enclosure for 3.5 IDE ATA drives.

Manufacturer: Dynex
Model number: DX-HDEN10
Amazon ASIN: B001CJQ8YU

Turn your internal IDE, aka PATA hard drive into a high-speed external one with this USB 2.0 hard drive enclosure. Note: this enclosure does not support Serial ATA (SATA) drives. Also note that you may have to set the hard drive jumper to the "master" position before placing the drive in the enclosure.

Product Features:

DX-HDEN10 external USB drive enclosure -

Product Details:

Power Adapter

Manufacturer: SINCHO
Model Number: SW34-1202A02
Description: SINCHO SW34-1202A02 AC DC ADAPTER 5V 12V 2A 5Pin SWITCHING power supply for external HDD Enclosure ACS-300, DYNEX 3.5" hard drive external enclosure, Seagate 7200.10 & more.

Product Manual

Dynex Aluminum USB 2.0 Hard Drive Enclosure Manual

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