Silent Runners

If you wish to obtain a list of software that starts automatically when Windows starts, which may help you in determining if a system is infected with malware, such as adware or spyware, you can run Silent Runners, which is a Visual Basic script. Full details on its operation are available at the script documentation page. The registry keys, INI-file sections, files and folders that are checked by Silent Runners and the Operating Systems (O/S's) to which they apply can be found at Launch & Hijack Points.

If you run the script by double-clicking on it, you will see the following window appear.

Silent Runners startup window

You will be asked whether you wish to skip the supplementary search. If you choose "No" to perform the search, you will see another window asking you to confirm that you wish to perform the supplementary search, since that search may take a long time.

Silent Runners supplementary search confirmation

When the script completes, you will see the window below.

Silent Runners completion window

The pgoram produces output such as this report, which is placed in the directory from which the script is run.

You can also run the program via the command line. If you run it with no options, as below, no windows will appear making it suitable for running it on a remote system without distracting the remote user.

C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\Downloads>cscript /nologo "Silent Runners.vbs"
"Silent Runners" has started. Please be patient...
Silent Runners R52 is done! The results are in the file:

Startup Programs (WYRD) 2007-11-12 20.40.28.txt

This file is in the same directory as the script.


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Created: November 12, 2007