ELOG - Adding a Link to a Local File

I wanted to be able to add a link to a local file on the system on which ELOG was running. At first, I thought I could simply place the file in the ELOG directory for the particular logbook in question, which was one called sysadmin. The directory was located on the system at C:\Program Files\Web\ELOG\logbooks\sysadmin. The .log files containing logbook entries for the sysadmin logbook were in that directory. But when I tried putting a link in a logbook entry pointing to http://server.example.com/sysadmin/samplefile.txt, the link didn't work.

I had chosen to inert images in another logbook entry, so I looked at how ELOG had handled that entry. I found that it had copied the images to the directory where the logbook entries were stored, but had prepended additional imformation on the filename when it copied the images to that directory. For instance, I had inserted an image with a file name of outlook-unable-display-folder.png in the logbook entry when editing the entry. ELOG had copied the image to the logbook directory, but named it 080808_102731_outlook-unable-display-folder.png. It had prepended the date of the entry, 080808 (the date is in yymmdd format), followed by an underscore, then the time I added the image, which was 10:27 A.M. (ELOG appears to be adding the exact time, including seconds, so it used 102731). ELOG then added another underscore and the file name of the image, which it copied to the logbook directory when I inserted the image.

So I decided to try to emulate ELOG's behavior for the link I wanted to add. I placed the document samplefile.txt in the sysadmin logbook directory and prepended the date and time to the name, giving it a name of 080808_110230_samplefile.txt. For P.M. times, use a timestamp in military time format, e.g. 10 P.M. is 2200, i.e. 12 + 10. Then while editing the logbook entry in which I wanted to place the link, I clicked on the InsertLink button, which has an icon that looks like the earth with a link from a chain in front of it. In the "Enter name of hyperlink" field, I typed a name for the link, i.e. Sample File. I then clicked on OK and entered the URL for the hyperlink, http://server.example.com/sysadmin/080808_110230/samplefile.txt. I.e., I used the protocol indicator, http:// followed by the server's address, server.example.com, then the logboook name, sysadmin preceded and followed by forward slashes, /, then the timestamp I prepended to the filename, 080808_110230, followed by a slash and the rest of the filename, samplefile.txt. That worked. After submitting the entry, I could then click on the link in it for the file and have it the file displayed in the browser.