Checking or changing proxy settings in Microsoft Edge

To check or modify the proxy server settings for a Microsoft Windows 10 system from the Microsoft Edge browser, take the following steps:
  1. Click on the 3 dots that appear near the upper, right-hand corner of the browser and from the options that appear, select Settings

    Microsoft Edge - 3 dots options

  2. From the Settings menu that you will then see, scroll down until you see Advanced settings and then click on View advanced settings.

    Microsoft Edge Settings options

  3. From the Advanced settings menu, click on Open proxy settings.

    Microsoft Edge Advanced Settings options

  4. To specify a proxy server manually, scroll down to the Manual proxy setup section. The "Use a proxy server" setting should be set to "On". You can put the IP address of the proxy server in the Address field and the port number to be used for the proxy server in the Port field. E.g., to use a SOCKS proxy server that has been set up via a Secure Shell (SSH) connection to an SSH server, e.g., via PuTTY, you could put socks= in the Address field and 1080 in the Port field if PuTTY set up the SOCKS proxy on the remote SSH server using port 1080, which is the registered port for a SOCKS proxy.

    Windows 10 manual proxy setup

  5. Click on Save, if you've made changes that you wish to apply.


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