Bing Search History

As Google does with its search engine, Microsoft maintains a history of all the searches you have performed from its search engine while logged into a Microsoft account, e.g., Hotmail,, etc. You can view the history of your searches conducted with the Bing search engine by clicking on Search History at the top of the Bing web page. If you click on that link, you will see links for "Recent searches" and for "Frequent searches".

Bing search engine

Or you can visit while logged into the same account that you were logged into when conducting the searches.

Bing Search History

From that Search History page, you can choose the type of searches for which to view data from the search history from the following:

If you haven't conducted a particular type of search, e.g., a video search, then, of course, you won't see any data returned. E.g., you might see "You have no Videos searches."

If you click on "All dates", you will be presented with a calendar from which you can select a prior month or specific date for searches you've conducted.

If you clicked on a link returned by Bing for a search query, you will see the link listed to the right of the query terms and to the right of that you will see the time you clicked on the link. E.g., for the example below, I conducted 3 searches within a few minutes of one another and clicked on one link for each search.

Bing clicked links

So, if you need to find a webpage that you found in the past, but can't remember the exact terms you used for the search or want to see a prior visited link that may no longer be accessible from within a browser's history, you can visit the search engine history page and look back through your history, provided, of course, that you were logged into an account associated with the search engine provider, i.e., a Microsoft account for the Bing search history.


Google search history


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