Viewing and Editing Defined Names in Excel 2013

To view or edit the defined names in the Microsoft Excel 2013 spreadsheet program, you can take the following steps:
  1. Click on the Forumulas tab at the top of the Excel window.

    Excel 2013 ribbon

  2. From the Formulas menu, select Name Manager.

    Excel 2013 Formulas - Name Manager

  3. In the Name Manager window, you can see the defined names.

    Excel 2013 - Name Manager

    The Refers To column shows the relevant cells. In the example above, there are two names defined: Profit and Sales. The value for Sales is obtained from the current value in cell B8 in the worksheet named Goals while the value for Profit is obtained from cell B7 in the same worksheet. The Value column shows the value that is currently in the referenced cells. You can change the cell to which a name points by clicking on the Edit button with the relevant name selected.

    Excel 2013 - Edit Name

    If you wish to define a new name, you can click on the New button. You can also define a new name from the Forumlas menu by clicking on Define Name and selecting Define Name.

    Excel 2013 - Define Name