Searching for text in the subject of a message with OWA

Using Outlook on the web, aka Outlook Web App (OWA)and Outlook Web Access, to check my email on a Microsoft Exchange server using a web browser, I can use the search function to search for a string that may be part of a word in the subject of a message. But I can only search for that string if it occurs at the beginning of a word. E.g., if I'm looking for any message that has "CRQ000000473568" within the subject of a message, I can use either of the two searches below to successfully find such messages.

Subject: CRQ000000473568
Subject: CRQ*

Acronis 125x125

OWA search

I can use the asterisk as a wildcard character to represent one or more of any character.

But if I use either of the following search parameters, the relevant messages won't be found.

Subject: *473568
Subject: *473568*

The search function doesn’t provide a search option that will allow you to search for text in the middle or end of a word. It only find items that contain a word that begins with your search string.

OWA does provide the capability to use logical operators, such as "AND", "OR", and "NOT", in your searches, though. E.g., suppose I want to find only messages that have a string beginning with CRQ, but which also contain the word "Requirements" in the subject. I could use the following search criteria:

Subject: CRQ* AND Subject: Requirements

I could also get the search function to return the same results if I omit "and" before the second instance of "Subject:" using the following search criteria:

Subject: CRQ* Subject: Requirements

For an "OR" search, I could use something similar to the following to find any message that has either the word "Snacks" or the word "Orbit" in the subject of the message:

Subject: Snacks OR Subject: Orbit

Note: capitalize the "OR" rather than using "or" to get the desired results. I've gotten expected results with "and", but not with "or". Though for the words you are searching for, capitalization doesn't matter. E.g., the following would return the same results:

Subject: snacks OR Subject: orBIT

To find messages with one word, but not another word, you can use the "NOT" operator for negation. E.g., either of the following search criteria would find any email messages that have "Requirements" in the subject, but which do not have the word "Tracking" in the subject.

Subject: Requirements NOT Tracking
Subject: Requirements AND NOT Subject: Tracking

If I wanted to find messages with both words, I would use the following:

Subject: Requirements AND Subject: Tracking


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