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If the file you download for the MediaMonkey Codec Pack is identified as a "Compressed (zipped) Folder", as it was when I purchased the codec pack through Digital River, you will need to rename the file to be an .mmip file. Otherwise, if you just unzip it, you won't be able to install. If you unzip the file, there will be a VBScript Script File (VBS) file within it named Install, but that will only set a registry key. But, if you change the extension on the file to .mmip, then MediaMonkey will open the file and make the needed changes for the installation, including copying plugins files.

If you don't see a .zip extension on the file, but Windows identifies the file as a "Compressed (zipped) Folder", then you will need to turn on the display of file extension, so that you can view and modify them. You can do so under Windows 8 and 8.1 by clicking on View in Windows Explorer, then selecting Options then select "Change folder and search options". Then click on the View tab and, beneath it, uncheck "Hide extensions for known file types". Then click on OK. You will then be able to right-click on and change the ".zip" to ".mmip". Then when you double-click on the file, MediaMonkey will open a product installation window.

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MediaMonkey Codec Product

If you want to install the Codec Pack for the currently logged in user only, check the box next to "Install for the current user only (doeasn't require admin rights". If you leave that box unchecked, you will need to be logged in under an acount in the administrators group or be able to provide the login credentials for an account in that group. Click on Install Now to proceed. You will then be prompted to accept the End User License Agreement (EULA).

If you can't change the "Install for the current user only (doesn't require admin rights" and see an error window open with "MM codec pack was not installed", when you click on Install Now, the codec pack may already be installed.

MediaMonkey Codec not  

To check, inside Media Monkey, select Tools then Extensions. If it is installed, you should see "MM codec pack" listed.

MediaMonkey Extensions Codec Pack 

If it is not listed, you can click on the Add buton and then navigate to the .mmip file for the codec pack to install it.


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Created: Thursday January 1, 2015