Using .mse-installer files with Magic Set Editor

A family member wanted to create her own custom playing cards for Magic: The Gathering. She had downloaded a number of .mse-installer files for the game and asked me to help her use them, since there was no application on her system that would open them. I had previously installed a computerized version of Magic called Magic Workstation, an application for Microsoft Windows systems, on her Microsoft Windows 10 system, but it would not open the .mse-installer files. I found that such files are associated with Magic Set Editor (MSE). MSE has the following features:

If you have a .mse-installer file, you can use it with Magic Set Editor by double-clicking on the file after Magic Set Editor has been installed If there is an update available in the package, you can click on it to select it.

Magic package

Then click on OK to perform the update. You should see "1 package(s) were successfully installed" when the update is complete.

If you see "install" for "action" when you open a file, click on the item to select it and then click on OK. E.g., I installed the "Mise" cards for "Unhinged" by double-clicking on the magic-unhinged-mise.mse-installer file and then selecting "Mise cards" and clicking on OK in the Package Manager window.

Unhinged Mise

Once installed, I clicked on New Set within Magic Set Editor 2.

Magic Set Editor

When I then selected Magic the Gathering for Game Type, I saw Unhinged Mise was available as a Card style.

DJI Phantom 3 Drone

MSE Card style - Unhinged


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