Symantec Backup Exec 12 Installation

I installed Symantec's Backup Exec 12 on a Windows 2003 Small Business Server (SBS) system for backing up systems in the domain.

After inserting the installation CD, I saw the following:

Symantec CD Browser

I clicked on "Start the Backup Exec for Windows Servers Environment Check", since the installation guide recommended it be run before starting the installation.

Run the Backup Exec Environment Check on the computer on which you want to install Backup Exec. The Environment Check analyzed the computer to make sure that the installation proces can complete. If Backup Exec finds configuration issues that can be fixed during the installation, or that may prevent the installation warnings appear. Although the Environment Check runs automatically during installation, you may want to run it manually before you install Backup Exec or before you back up data with Backup Exec.

When you start the environment check, a welcome screen appears.

Environment Check Welcome

Clicking on Next gives you the option of performing a "Local Environment Check" or a "Remote Environment Check".

Local or Remote Check

Since I was installing the software on the system on which I was running the check, I left "Local Environment Check" selected and clicked on Next.

You are next shown the results of the scan.

Environment Check Results

I saw a warning in the Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Express section:

An older version of SQL Server has been detected on this machine. The older version may not be selected to use with Backup Exec. Instead, choose to install a new SQL Express or choose and existing SQL Server 2000 (SP3a or later) instance during the installation

(X) Instance: SBSMONITORING, Version: 2000 SP 3a
(X) Instance: SHAREPOINT, Version: 2000 SP 4

The system on which I intended to install the software was running Windows Server 2003 for Small Business Server with Service Pack 2 installed, which was the latest service pack for that operating system. It was also up-to-date on all required patches from Microsoft.

I clicked on Finish, which returned me to the initial installation window. I then clicked on "Start the Backup Exec Installation", which started the installation wizard.

Backup Exec Installation Wizards

I clicked on Next to proceed with the wizard, which opened a window where I was prompted to accept a license agreement. I accepted the license agreement and clicked on Next.

Backup Exec License Agreement

The next screen gives you the option to "Install Backup Exec software and options" or "Install Remote Administration Console only" for a local install or to perform a remote install. I proceeded with the default "Install Backup Exec software and options".

Backup Exec Install Options

The environment check is then performed. After proceeding from the environment check, you are prompted to enter license keys.

Backup Exec Enter License Keys

I entered the license key, which was in the form xx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxx, for "BEWS 23 for Small Business Server", which was included with the software. I also had a license key for "BEWS 12 Desktop and Laptop Option". I presumed I needed to add that as well, so I did.

Backup Exec License Keys Entered

The keys above are, of course, not actual keys

After entering the keys, I clicked on Next, which led to a screen where options to be installed were listed for review.

Backup Exec Review Options

I checked the additional options below:

I clicked on Next and was asked for account credentials.

Backup Exec Review Options

When I entered the password for the administrator account, a message appeared that the "administrator has been granted the following rights: Create a token object".

The next screen deals with the Symantec Backup Exec Database. I chose the default option to "Create a local Backup Exec SQL Express instance to store the database on. This instance will be installed on C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL$BKUPEXEC".

Backup Exec Database

The next screen asks about how tape device drivers should be handled. I chose the default option to "Use Symantec device drivers for all tape devices (recommended)".

Backup Exec Tape Device Drivers

The next screen asks you to review the installation settings.

Backup Exec Review Installation

I clicked on Install to complete the installation. When the instllation is completed, the final screen informs you that the system must be restarted.

Backup Exec Installation Completed

When I rebooted and logged in, LiveUpdate Express ran to obtain the latest updates for the Symantec software on the system.

LiveUpate Express

The ReadMe file was opened when the update process completed.

When I ran the program, a Getting Started with Backup Exec window opened. The main window for the program is shown below.

Backup Exec Main Window

As an aside, I did encounter a problem with another Symantec appliation when I rebooted the system and logged in after the Backup Exec installation completed. I saw a Ghost error message. I have Norton Ghost 7.5, a much older backup program from Symantec, installed on the system.

Ghost Configuration Server

And when I tried to run an image backup of a system from the Symantec Ghost Console afterwards, I saw a message "Can not start task - Configuration Server is not connected" from the Symantec Ghost Console. But, when I later rebooted the system again, I received a VXValidate.exe error message, but Norton Ghost 7.5 was again working. VXValidate.exe is a program associated with Backup Exec.