Undo and Redo in Microsoft Windows File Explorer

If you wish to undo or redo an operation you just performed in the Microsoft Windows File Explorer on a Windows 10 system, you can do so by hitting Ctrl+Z (hit the Ctrl and Z keys simultaneously). E.g., if you inadvertently deleted a file, sending it to the recycle bin, you can hit those keys together to restore the file to its prior location. If you wanted to redo an operation you undid, you can hit Ctrl+Y to redo the previously undone operation. E.g., if I deleted a file, then undeleted it with Ctrl+Z, I could redo the delete action by hitting Ctrl+Y sending it back to the recycle bin.

If you wish, you can add undo and redo icons to the Quick Access Toolbar at the top of the Explorer window by clicking on the icon of a downward pointing arrowhead with a horizontal line above it (the red arrow on the image below points to it) that appears at the top of the Explorer window.

Customize Quick Access button

You can then select "Undo" and "Redo" from the menu that appears.

Select undo and redo

Select both, so that you see checkmarks next to each of those options.

Explorer Customize with Undo and Redo

You should then see curved Undo and Redo arrows next to the button you clicked on for the Customize Quick Access Toolbar.

Undo and Redo arrows

You can now use those arrows, in addition to the shortcut keys, if you prefer to undo and redo actions in the File Explorer.