Book Collector - Adding or updating an author or publisher image

If you are using Book Collector to track your book collection and wish to add a photograph of an author to the information about the author, you may be able to do so by taking the following steps:
  1. Download the image of the author. If you wish, you can place the image in the location where book cover images are stored, i.e. the images directory beneath the Book Collector directory where you store the book database.
  2. If you are editing an entry for a book by the author, you can right-click on the icon of three horizontal bars to the left of the author's name while editing the book entry and select "Edit this author entry." Or from the main Book Collector window, you can select "Edit" then "Manage Pick Lists" to select the author picklist where you can select the relevant author—you can double-click on the author entry then to edit it.
  3. In the Edit Author window, click on the Images tab. If there is no image already for an author, you will likely see the Image, Template Image, and Image URL fields are all blank as shown below.

    Edit Author

    If you see an image of the author when you look at a book entry for that author, you may see the URL for an image provided by Collectorz in the Image URL field as shown in the example below for Mortimer J. Adler.

    Edit Author

  4. If there is no author image for book entries by an author, for the "Template Image" field, browse to where you downloaded the image of the author. Once you have selected the image, click on OK. Leave the "Image (will be scaled to 16x16)" field blank. You can then close the entry where you are editing the author's information. When viewing the entry for a book by the author from the book list in the home screen for Book Collector, you should then see a small thumbnail picture of the author as shown below for an entry for Adler's Philosophical Dictionary by Mortimer J. Adler.

    Adler's Philosophical

If you don't have an image, but want to add a picture to the author's entry, check to see if there is a Wikipedia entry for the author or if the author has a website.

You can use similar steps to add an image for a publisher's entry in the database.

Note: These instructions were written for Windows version 19.3.1 of Book Collector and updated for version 21.1.1 (the process for adding images didn't change), but should work for other versions, also.