Book classification fields in Book Collector

I use Book Collector from to catalog my books. When entering books into the Book Collector database, I like to include the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) number, Library of Congress Control Number, and Library of Congress Classification if those are available. When you enter a new book into the database, you can have the program search for an existing entry for the book from its enormous online database of books by clicking on the plus sign (+) at the top, left-hand part of the Book Collector window, which will then allow you to search by International Standard Book Number (ISBN), Author/Title, or LCCN. If the book is found, you can then choose to add its entry to your own collection or your wish list. Occasionally, I've found an LCCN listed in the LoC Control Number book, as is the case shown below for Lost Treasures of American History by W.C. Jameson, but when I search the Library of Congress database for information associated with that LCCN, such as the LOC classification, I find that no record is returned.

Book Collector Classification Fields

If I click on the Links tab for the book's entry in my Book Collector database, I even see the URL for a Library of Congress (LOC) database entry in the standard permalink format, i.e., for the book's LCCN (the LCCN for the book listed by the publisher on the page prior to the Contents page is the ten-digit LCCN 2009940531). Yet if I put that URL in a browser, the Library of Congress website returns a page with the message "Your search found no results." So I wondered why the publisher listed an LCCN within the book, but going to the LOC Search/Browse Help - Browse page and performing an "Advanced Search" by selecting "Search Options" and then searching on "LCCN-ISBN-ISSN (KNUM)" for that LCCN would return the "Your search found no results" message. I found the answer at the LCCN Permalink Frequently Asked Questions page, which states:

I have a valid LCCN. However, LCCN Permalink reports that the LCCN I submitted was not found in the LC Online Catalog. Why am I receiving this error message?
LCCN Permalink retrieves and displays bibliographic records found in the LC Online Catalog and authority records in LC Authorities. Not all LCCNs assigned by the Library of Congress, however, resolve to an LC record. The Library of Congress began assigning LC control numbers in 1898. Some LCCNs may have been deleted from the Catalog, some LCCNs from older printed catalog cards may not yet have online records. LCCNs are also assigned before publication to items which the Library may subsequently decide not to add to its collections — including items cataloged by the National Library of Medicine or the National Agricultural Library, many large-print books, serials cataloged through the cooperative CONSER program, and items which received preassigned control numbers (PCNs). While LCCN Permalink may not find a bibliographic record in the LC Online Catalog, these LCCN may be represented in other library databases.

I am presuming that in this case that the LOC assigned the LCCN, but did not add the book to its collections, so I don't find a record for it when I perform a search using the LCCN the publisher listed for the book. Though usually I do find a record, such as for LCCN 2015009815, which was assigned to the Madison's Hand: Revising the Constitutional Convention by Mary Sarah Bilder, a book published in 2015 by an academic press, Harvard University Press. For that book the LOC entry provides the LC classification, KF4510 .B55 2015 as well as information on the number of pages in the book and a summary of the book's contents. The entry also provides a list of Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH), which you may see listed under Subject on the Main tab for the book's entry in Book Collector, and the Dewey class number. So from the LCCN entry, I can also obtain the DDC and LoC classification.

But if there is no LCCN available for a book or there is no LCCN record returned by a search on LOC website, you can likely obtain library classification information, such as the DDC and LoC classification from the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC). The OCLC website is at, but you can perform a search for a book based on the ISBN, OCLC#, Universal Product Code (UPC), or International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) using its Classify service. That service allows you to search on those identification numbers as well as by Title/Author or Subject Heading. OCLC uses Faceted Application of Subject Terminology (FAST) subject headings, which provide a simplified LCSH syntax.

Since I know the ISBN for Lost Treasures of American History, I can search on that number which returns a record and a permanent record link. From that record, I can see that libraries use 973 for the DDC and E179 for the LCC, so if the Book Collector entry didn't have those, I could add them. I also see a list of subject headings:

Mines and mineral resources
United States
Treasure troves

In this case, the book entry provided by Collectorz contained the first three already; I could add the fourth, antiquities, if I wished.

I can also click on one of the entries listed on the OCLC Classify page for the book under "Title and Author" to see a WorldCat entry for the book at Lost treasures of American history which provides a summary for the book which I could put in the Plot field for the Book Collector entry.

For this book, the Book Collector entry I added to my own book database did not have the DDC or LoC classification, only the LCCN, so I added the information I obtained through the OCLC Classify service. I also replaced the existing plot information, which had every word capitalized in the summary for the book with the same information I found in the WorldCat entry, but which didn't display that annoying capitalization. If you add information for a book to your own entry for the book, you can submit your updates for inclusion in the Collectorz entry for the book by clicking on CLZ Core at the top of the Book Collector window and then selecting Submit Book to CLZ Core. A tab will then be opened in your default browser for a page where you can review the changes you will be submitting and submit them all or ones you select individually. You can then click on Submit Changes. You will then see the message "Your changes have been submitted and are now pending approval. One of our content managers will process your submission as soon as possible." If I've added information that I think might be useful for others, I usually submit my changes as I did in this case.