Downloading CNN Videos with VideoProc Converter AI

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If you wish to download videos posted on the Cable News Network (CNN) website, you can do so with VideoProc Converter AI from Digiary Software, Inc. The program is a commercial product, but you can download a free trial version. To download a CNN video, or videos from other sites, such as YouTube, take the following steps:
  1. Click on Downloader on the window you see when the program starts.

    Video Converter start window

  2. On the Downloader window, you can specify the directory where you want the video to be downloaded on your local system by clicking on the Browse button next to "Video Output Folder" and then selecting a directory where the program should store the downloaded video.

    Video Converter Downloader window

  3. You can then add the URL for the video you wish to download to a download queue by clicking on the Add Video link at the top of the window and pasting in the the URL for the page where the video appears, e.g., for the video that appears on the webpage "A total solar eclipse will darken skies across the US. Here's how to watch" where CNN's Coy Wire provides information on the path of totality for the April 8, 2024 solar eclipse and on how to safely view the eclipse.

    Video Converter Paste and Analyze window

    When you've pasted in the URL for the webpage on which the video appears, click on the Analyze button.

  4. You will then see a window where the resolution of the video is listed, e.g. 1920 x 1080 pixels in the example. Click on the Download Selected Videos button to proceed.

    Video Converter Download Selected

  5. On the next window, click on the Download now button to start the download process.

    Video Converter Download Now

  6. The program will then show a progress bar indicating the percentage that it has downloaded so far.

    Video Converter progress bar

    Videos will usually have a thumbnail image associated with them. In this example, you will see an image of a solar eclipse to the left of the video title and a larger image at the right side of the window. If you would like to have that image, also, while the program is downloading the video it stores the video and that image in a temp_xxxxxx directory, where xxxxx is some random sequence of numbers and letters, it creates beneath the directory you selected to hold downloaded vides. When the download is completed that temp directory and the image file within it will be deleted, so you will need to copy the image file elsewhere to save it before the download completes. You can pause a video download by clicking on the two vertical red bars to the left of the progress bar; you can resume the download by clicking on the white, downward pointing arrow that will take the place of the vertical bars if you pause the download.

When the download has completed, the progress bar will be at its far-right edge and the word "Reload" will appear to the right of the bar. You should then be able to view the downloaded .mp4 file in whatever directory you chose to put it in.

Video Converter download complete

Note: Some CNN videos are copyrighted, so you can download them for personal use, but you may not be able to redistribute, retransmit, or publish, them without the copyright owner's permission, though I know Youtubers who post politics-related videos may include snippets of videos from news sites in the videos they create discussing politics or particular politicians.