Downloading Video Clips with Offliberty

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If you wish to download a video clip from a website, such as a news site or YouTube, to archive it should it ever disappear from the Web, Offliberty, which provides "evidence of offline life", offers a means to download the video to your hard drive by simply putting in the URL for the webpage where it is found and then clicking on the Off button below the field where you enter the URL.

Once you've clicked on Off, you will see a "Right-click here and 'Save link as...'" button beneath the name of the MP4 (.mp4) file to be saved.

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Offliberty righg-click to save MP4

You can right-click on that button and save the video on your hard disk drive or another location of your choosing.

Sometimes, for instance with YouTube, you may only see an MP3 (.mp3) file listed, but beneath it will appear an "I want video file" button. The MP3 format provides only the audio for the video you watched. You can download it, if the audio is sufficient, but if you want the video as well, you will need to click on the "I want video file" button to get the video.

Offliberty MP3 - want video file

When you click on that button, you should then see under "Video" a button to "Right-click here and 'Save link as...'", which, when you right-click on it will allow you to download an MP4 file which will provide you with both audio and video.

Offliberty MP3 and MP4 video file

I found the site mentioned by KVH on an Evernote forum at Embedding YouTube Videos? while looking for information on a way to put videos in Evernote notes. I also then found a favorable review of the service at By using, I can download a video file to my hard drive and then within an Evernote note, click on the downward pointing arrowheads at the top right of the note, which will reveal two icons, one of which is a paperclip that will allow me to attach the video to a note.

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Evernote attach file to note

Note: If you attaching videos to an Evernote note, with a free Evernote account, notes can not exceed 25 MB in size. If you upgrade your account to a premium level, you can have notes up to 100 MB in size - see What are the limits of my Evernote account? Upload quota, note size, notebook count, and more?

Other sites offering one the capability to download YouTube videos can be found at Saving YouTube Videos.


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Created: January 26, 2014