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Displaying Google Chrome browser information with chrome://

You can reveal a lot of internal Google Chrome browser information by putting chrome:// in the Chrome address bar.

E.g., Google Chrome maintains its own internal DNS cache. You can display the entries in that cache by putting chrome://dns in the address bar for Chrome. When you do so, you will see information similar to that displayed below:

Future startups will prefetch DNS records for 10 hostnames
Host nameHow long ago

You will also see a page load count for web pages.

If you put chrome://downloads/ in the address bar you will see a list of the recently downloaded files and the URLs that were used to download them as well as the dates on which the files were downloaded..

You can view Chrome's history information showing a list of recently visited pages with the days and times they were visited with chrome://history/.

You can see information on Chrome's memory utilization, including the amount of memory used by each Chrome tab using chrome://memory. That will also reveal the amount of memory used by other browsers, such as Internet Explorer and Firefox, that are open on the system. E.g., this is an example from a Windows 7 system where 3 tabs are open within Chrome, one for Wikipedia, one for Google, i.e.,, and one for chrome://memory itself, which is labeled "About Memory". The tabs are identified by Tab at the beginning of the name. IE 11 and Firefox 35.0.1 are also open on the system and so information about their memory utitlization is also displayed.


  1. 12 Most Useful Google Chrome Browser chrome:// Command
    By Ramesh Natarajan
    Date: October 12, 2011
    The Geek Stuff

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