Download Name: find-recipients (to view as text on Windows systems you may need to hit the refresh button in your browser when viewing)
Description: find-recipients displays all messages in a sendmail maillog file from a specified sender.
Version: 1.3
Size: 14 KB (13,632 bytes)
MD5 Sum: 47706da131a66dcbe8ee43d9ece7b594
Developer: Jim Cameron
Developer Website: MoonPoint Support
Obtained From: N/A
Download URL:
Obtained On: 4/8/2006
Requirements: Perl
Purchase Information: Free.
License: No restrictions on use.
Redistributable: Yes

find-recipients searches a maillog file for all recipients to whom
a given sender has sent email.

Usage: ./ [--noheading] [--title title] [--status status]
[--to recipient] sender [maillog]

Unless specified, maillog is assumed to be /var/log/maillog.

Optional arguments:

A count will be provided of all messages from the sender, but only those which
match the specified criteria will be displayed.

--noheading       - don't display any heading information
--title title     - an optional title for the output (use quotes for multiple
--status status   - the status is as specified, e.g. "Sent" or "Deferred"
--to recipient    - the specified recipient is in the "to" field.

Sample Output:
Found 4 messages from in /var/log/maillog

Message recipients

Time            Message ID     Status        Recipient
Apr 2 09:54:29  k32DsSnb032364 Sent
Apr 2 09:56:39  k32Ducnb032387 Sent
Apr 2 09:57:05  k32Dv1nb032393 Sent
Apr 2 09:57:45  k32Dvgnb032397 Sent

I've also created a BASH script find-recipients-files which can be used to process multiple maillog files using When I find time, I'll incorporate the capability into the Perl script itself.