GoDaddy continues to show "Loading..." when composing email

Someone who uses GoDaddy for her email reported to me today that she couldn't send email. I logged into her account from another system and was able to send email to myself. When I notified her that I had been able to send email from her acount to myself, she sent an email to me, but reported it was still stating "loading" when she hit the send button. So tonight I logged into her system and opened the Firefox browser, since she uses that browser to send and receive email. When I clicked on Compose, I saw a "Loading..." message in the body of the email that wouldn't go away unless I clicked on the Plain Text tab to switch from "Rich Text", which allows one to format text in the message with bolding, font colors, etc., to "Plain Text". But when I switched back to "Rich Text", I had problems typing my email address in the "To" field with only one letter appearing in the "To" field no matter how many letters I typed.

GoDaddy compose - Loading...

If I closed the window and started to compose a new message again, I saw the "Loading" message in the body of the message where it stayed even when I typed enough text to extend below the "Loading..." - my text appeared behind that text.

I found others reporting the same problem at the GoDaddy support site at webmail reply stuck at "loading..." in body of reply email. I also saw similar complaints at email compose window fails to load. I saw many people noting they were having the problem in Firefox 55.0.3. I checked the version of Firefox and it was 55.0.3 (you can see the version by putting about: in the address bar, where you normally type URLs you wish to visit, and hitting Enter). Others reported they didn't have the problem in other browsers. I tried Microsoft Edge on the system and didn't see the problem in that browser. I then tried another system in the same office with the same and another GoDaddy email account. The problem occurred on that system in Firefox 55.0.3, but not in the Edge nor Chrome browsers on that system, though I did see "waiting for" appear and stay at the bottom of the compose window on that system in Chrome 60.0 on that system.

I found a solution posted by kt77 at the webmail reply stuck at "loading..." in body of reply email page. The poster noted:

I refreshed Firefox from this page:
The issue was resolved and then returned. After a few more tries, it appears that the McAfee WebAdvisor Add-On is related to this issue. When this Add-On is disabled, the problem is resolved. When the Add-On is enabled, the problem returns.

The user's Windows 10 system has McAfee Total Protection for its antivirus software and the McAfee WebAdvisor, which helps prevent users from going to sites that may host malicious content, was enabled in the browser. At the upper, right-hand corner of the browser was a green square with a green "M" in a shield representing the McAfee WebAdvisor. Note: it may be gray, instead of green, but will otherwise look the same.

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McAfee WebAdvisor - Firefox

I disabled the WebAdvisor by clicking on the icon with the 3 horizontal bars, one below the other, to the right of the WebAdvisor icon, which displays the Firefox menu options. I then clicked on "Add-ons" and then selected "Extensions". I then clicked on the "Disable" button next to "McAfee WebAdvisor" to disable the extension.

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McAfee WebAdvisor Extension

That fixed the problem. If I re-enabled the McAfee WebAdvisor extension, the problem reoccurred. The other system in the office was also using McAfee Total Protection for its antivirus software. I used the same process to resolve the issue on that system as well.

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