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Sun, Apr 26, 2015 9:47 pm

Changing the colors for a Terminal tab on OS X

The Terminal application in Applications/Utilities allows one to obtain a shell prompt on a Mac OS X system. You can specify the color scheme to use when opening a new tab. The default color scheme is "Basic", i.e., black text on a white background, but you can also choose from the following:

Man Page
Red Sands
Silver Aerogel
Solid Colors

If after making a selection while working in that tab, you wish to change the colors, you can do so. E.g., if I had selected the "grass" color scheme, but wanted to change from yellow text on a green background to black text on a white background, I could so so by taking the following steps while working in that Terminal tab.
  1. From the Terminal menu, select Show Inspector or hit Command-I to bring up the Inspector window.

    Inspector Info

  2. Click on Settings. You will see the current color scheme highlighted, e.g., "Grass" in this instance.

    Inspector Settings

  3. Click on the new color scheme you wish to use, e.g., "Basic" for black text on a white background. As soon as you click on a new color scheme, the foreground and background colors will change.

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