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Sun, Jul 19, 2015 9:57 pm

Configuring a Custom Service from the CLI on a NetScreen Firewall

If you need to configure a custom service from the command line interface (CLI) you obtain by a Secure Shell (SSH) connection to a Juniper NetScreen Firewall running ScreenOS, you can use the set service command. E.g., to create a custom service for an SSH server listening on a non-standard port for SSH, you could use something like the following, if the server is listening on port 2005:

set service "Auburn SSH" protocol tcp src-port 1024-65535 dst-port 2005-2005

The text in quotation marks immediately after set service is just a descriptive name you can give to the service to make the purpose of the custom service more immediately identifiable.

If you have not yet created an address book entry for the system running the custom service, you can use the set address command to create it.

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