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Mon, Oct 19, 2020 7:42 pm

Downloading Panopto videos

To download a video hosted on Panopto, such as a class lecture, you can take the following steps in the Firefox web browser:
  1. Right-click on the video in Panoptoo—you may need to click on the small video in the upper, left-hand side of the window rather than the one on the right side of the window—and select "Inspect Element (Q)." In the "Search HTML" field, type .mp4 and hit Enter—this presumes the video is an MP4 video.
  2. You should see the area in the HTML code where the MP4 file is referenced highlighted. Right-click on the highlighted area and choose "Copy" then "Outer HTML."
  3. Then paste the information copied into the clipboard into Microsoft Notepad or some other text editor, depending on your operating system and preferred editor. You should see the URL for the video listed in the content pasted into the editor. Copy the URL starting with the "https" up through the ".mp4"—don't copy the information after the ".mp4."
  4. Paste the copied URL into a browser tab. You can then right-click on the video in that browser tab and select "Save Video As" to download the video to your local system. You can give the video a more meaningful name than the long string of hexadecimal digits used for the name.

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Mon, Oct 05, 2020 9:25 pm

Your electricity will be cut off in 30 minutes

At 11:55 AM EDT this morning, my wife received a recorded call stating our electricity would be cut off by Delmarva Power, our electric utility, in thirty minutes. She called for me to pick up the phone, but by the time I got to a phone in another room, the call was disconnected. She said the message had instructed her to hit "1" to speak to someone. The call sounded like a scam to me, since I didn't know of any issue with our electicity payments and also because I would have expected a letter well before a cutoff date and more than 30 minutes to pay any past due payment if someone called. It seemed to me an obvious attempt to panic a called party into providing a credit card to a scammer engaged in fraud, but I checked our bank account anyway and saw the last payment due had been deducted from our checking account about two weeks before the call and when I logged into Delmarva's website to check the status of our account, I saw the last payment credited and a balance of zero dollars.

Using *69, I was able to determine the listed calling number was 1-443-739-1747, but a search online for accounts of others receiving a call from a scammer using that number did not reveal other such activity. I called the number back to see how the scammer operated or to see if it might be a spoofed number, but just got a recorded message that the called party was not available, so I should leave a message. It sounded like a generic voicemail message. So, perhaps, the scammer spoofed the calling number as they often do to make it difficult to track down their identity.

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