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Tue, Feb 12, 2008 12:30 pm

IP on LASHBACK DNS Blocklist

An IP address for a site had gotten on some blocklists, apparently due to an infected system at the site. I went to the MxToolBox Email Blacklist Check page, which currently checks for the presence of an IP address on 124 blacklists. I checked on whether the IP address was present on any of the lists queried by the MxToolBox blacklist check tool. It was on the LASHBACK blacklist, with the reason listed as "Sender has sent to LashBack Unsubscribe Probe accounts Return codes were:", but no others.

I requested a delisting from their Unsubscribe Blacklist Support page. When I looked up the address at LASHBACK, I found it was listed. When I requested it be delisted at 12:30 PM, I was notified that it would be removed within 1 hour. When I had checked for the address on the MxToolBox Email Blacklist Check page, I had seen a TTL value of 3594, which is 59.9 minutes, listed for it for the LASHBACK list.

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