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Mon, Mar 09, 2009 9:19 pm

MapQuest Maps Won't Display in Netscape 7.2

A user complained that he could no longer obtain directions using MapQuest. He uses Netscape 7.2 as his default browser. When I checked the Netscape browser on his system, I found that instead of a local map displaying at the main MapQuest page, there was just a large empty box displayed. And clicking on "directions" produced a page with a large blank area and no discernible way to search for directions. I checked the configuration of Netscape, but found nothing amiss. The browser had a recent version of Flash installed, version 9. I verified it was configured for JavaScript support. Since I had Netscape 7.2 installed on one of my laptops, I tried accessing the MapQuest site from that system. I experienced the same problem.

When I checked MapQuest's Configuring Your Browser for MapQuest page, I didn't see configuration information listed for Netscape nor was Netscape listed on its Browsers and operating system MapQuest supports page.

Since I couldn't find a way to use MapQuest with Netscape, but someone else who used the system had already installed Firefox 3.0.6, I tried viewing the site with Firefox. I didn't have any problems using the site with that browser, so I put a shortcut on his desktop to take him to the site using Firefox, since that seemed the option to which he could most readily adjust, since he uses Netscape for his email as well as web browsing.

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