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Thu, Sep 03, 2015 9:41 pm

Resetting the password for the PRTG Network Monitor on Microsoft Windows

After you've installed the PRTG network monitoring software on a Microsoft Windows system, which provides Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) monitoring capabilities, when you log into the web interface for the first time, the login name and password for the default administrator login are both prtgadmin. You can leave the login name and password fields empty and click on the Default Login button to log in using these default credentials.

If you changed the password, but have forgotten the password, you can reset it by running the PRTG Administration Tool. Once you've opened the application, click on the Administrator tab then type a new password in the Password field and retype the password in the Confirm Password field. If you've also forgotten the login name you used, you will see it on that window.

PRTG Admin Tool

When you click on Save & Close, you will see the following message:

In order to activate the settings the following will be done by the PRTG Administration Tool:
- Stop and start the PRTG core server service.

The PRTG Administration Tool will close automatically afterwards.

OK to proceed?

If you are accessing the web interfce through a browser and provide the login credentials but don't see any message indicating that they are incorrect, but just see the page for entering the userid and password again, then you may need to enable cookies in the browser; I had to enable cookies in the K-Meleon browser to get past the login screen.

If you changed the port for the web interface, you can find it listed under the Web Server tab.

Note: these instructions apply to PRTG Administration Tool version V15.3.17.2995 and might not apply to other versions.

[/os/windows/software/network/snmp/prtg] permanent link

Mon, May 27, 2013 8:33 pm

SNMP Tester

If you need an SNMP test tool for a Windows system, Paessler, a company that produces network monitoring software, offers SNMP Tester for free. There is no installation process for the software other than extracting the files in the downloaded zip file to a directory of your choice and running snmptest.exe.

After extracting the files to a directory under Program Files using an administrator account, I tried running the program from a normal user account. The program didn't appear to open, though I could see it running when I used the Task Manager to check on running processes, although the CPU utilization for it stayed at 0. So I right-clicked on snmptest.exe and chose "Run as administrator". The program then opened. I found that I could extract the files to a folder in the My Documents directory of the regular user account and run it from there. The issue I first encountered when attempting to run the program from the Program Files directory was that the program wants to update an snmp.ini file in the directory from which it runs and that account didn't have write access to the Program Files subdirectory within which it was located.

SNMP Tester start window

When you run the program, place the IP address of the system you wish to scan in the Device/IP field; if the SNMP port has been changed from the default value of port 161, change that also. Specify the community string in the Community field. If you want to see the uptime of the device to just verify the device is responding to SNMP queries, leave "Read Device Uptime" selected under Select Request Type. Then click on the Start button to initiate the scan.

You can also put an OID, such as in the Walk field, select the Walk radio button and click on Start to "walk" through a sequence of OIDs or specify a particular OID, e.g., in the Custom OID field.

[/os/windows/software/network/snmp] permanent link

Sun, Oct 17, 2010 10:01 pm

PRTG Network Monitor

If you would like to use a Microsoft Windows system for Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) or Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) monitoring of systems, Paessler AG provides a free edition of their PRTG Network Monitor software, that provides a lot of capabilities, though there is a limit of 10-20 sensors with the free version (you can increase the default limit from 10 to 20 by putting a small banner for the program on your website). But for small businesses or personal use, that may provide all of the monitoring capability you need.

The company also provides other free SNMP and network tools at Free network tools for system administrators

[ More Info ]

[/os/windows/software/network/snmp] permanent link

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