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Sun, Mar 02, 2014 10:40 pm

F-Secure Rescue CD 3.16

F-Secure provides a free Rescue CD which allows you to boot a PC from a CD and scan it for malware using F-Secure's antivirus software. The F-Secure Rescue CD will attempt to disinfect any infected files and will rename any it can't disinfect by putting a .virus extension at the end of the file name. By doing that, when you reboot the system into Microsoft Windows, the infected file will not be loaded into memory.

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Wed, Sep 21, 2011 10:40 pm

F-Secure 3.11 Rescue CD Scan of Compaq SR1900NX Windows XP PC

If I need to scan someone's Microsoft Windows system for malware, I usually make a backup of the system outside of Windows, e.g., by booting the system with a Norton Ghost 2003 boot CD and backing up the system to an external USB drive. I then usually perform an initial scan of the system using a rescue CD, such as the F-Secure Rescue CD 3.11. Using a rescue CD can be especially helpful if a system won't boot into Windows or runs abysmally slow because of a malware infection.

In this instance I used the F-Secure Rescue CD 3.11 on a Compaq Presario SR1900NX system running WIndows XP to perform an initial malware scan of the system.

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Sun, Sep 14, 2008 1:38 pm

Setting F-Secure Resce CD to Automatically Reboot

I needed to scan a system with an F-Secure Rescue CD 2.00. I started the scan late at night and wanted to go home to sleep before the scan completed. But I wanted the system to reboot into Microsoft Windows after the scan was completed. Since the results of the scan are stored in /tmp, which exists only in the system's memory when the system is booted from the F-Secure Rescue CD, I also wanted the output log files produced by the scanning process to be stored somewhere where I could access them after the reboot.

When a scan is started, the following is displayed:


Scanning all filesystems mounted under /mnt/scan/ directory.
The results of the scan will be saved in /tmp/scan_results.txt

Alt-F1 This screen.
Alt-F5 To see details of files being scanned.
Alt-F6 To see any malware found.
Ctrl-C TO cancel scanning.

You can also use Alt-F2, Alt-F3, or Alt-F4 to get a shell prompt. I used Alt-F2 to obtain a shell prompt.

When a system is booted from the rescue CD, the hard drive on the system is mounted under /mnt/scan. In this case, the hard drive is an IDE drive designated as hda2 by Linux, which is the operating system used on the F-Secure Rescue CD. So I could store the log files, which are as follows, somewhere under /mnt/scan/hda2.


On this system there was a C:\TEMP directory, so I decided to store them there. You can see the directories on the hard drive using the ls command, e.g. ls /mnt/scan/hda2/.

Using the pico editor on the CD, I created a script, which I named rebootwin in the /tmp directory to automatically reboot the system after 9 hours, presuming that the scan of the system should certainly be completed within that time (it took about 3 hours).

root@tty2[/]# cd /tmp
root@tty2[tmp]# pico rebootwin

I put the following commands in the script:

sleep 9h
cp scan*.txt /mnt/scan/hda2/TEMP/.

The script prints the date and time and then "sleeps" for 9h. When that amount of time has elapsed, it copies the log files from the scanning process from the /tmp directory to the C:\TEMP directory on the system's hard drive. The system is then rebooted. If the system is set to boot from the hard drive first, rather than a CD-ROM drive, it will boot into Windows from the hard drive. If the system's BIOS is set to attempt to boot the system first from a CD in a CD-ROM drive, it will reboot from the F-Secure Rescue CD, but, unless a key is hit within a few seconds, it will not continue with a reboot into the antivirus scanning software, but will instead boot from the system's hard drive.

I saved the script with Ctrl-X and then made the script executable with the chmod command. I then started the script with ./rebootwin.

root@tty2[tmp]# chmod 755 test
root@tty2[tmp]# ./rebootwin
Sat Sep 13 23:52:46 UTC 2008

The next morning, I was able to check the results of the scanning process by examing the log files on the system's hard drive.

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Sat, Sep 13, 2008 11:31 pm

Scan of J with AVG and F-Secure Rescue CDs

I've been continuing to check a Windows XP Pro system, J, which became infected on September 8, with programs to detect any malware that might remain on the system. I used AVG Rescue CD and an F-Secure Resce CD 2.00 to check the system tonight.

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Sun, Mar 02, 2008 1:56 pm

F-Secure Rescue CD 2.00

I've been using an AVG Rescue CD to boot Windows systems from a CD, rather than the copy of Windows installed on the system's hard drive, and then perform an antivirus scan of the system. The AVG Rescue CD provides a Windows GUI for performing scans and I've found it works very well. The cost is currently $149.95 in U.S. dollars.

Searching for other rescue CD's, I also found one from F-Secure, which uses a Knoppix LiveCD to boot a system to perform an antivirus scan of the system. You can use it to boot a Windows system to check the system for viruses without booting into a possibly infected copy of the Windows operating system. F-Secure Rescue CD 2.00 is free and can update itself over the network, if a DHCP server is available on the network to provide it with IP configuration information. You don't need to understand Linux to use the software; you are presented with prompts to walk you through the process of scanning a system.

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Mon, Oct 09, 2006 10:09 pm

F-Secure Anti-Virus for DOS

F-Secure offers a free antivirus program for DOS. This can be run from a command line within windows or you can boot the system from a DOS floppy or CD when you can't get Windows to start properly or want to run an antivirus program from outside of Windows. The program is available from F-Secure at Free Virus Removal Tools, which provides a link for downloading the software from F-Secure's FTP site at

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