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Fri, Sep 29, 2017 11:04 pm

Extracting data from a corrupted zip file with jar or repairing it

I received a zip file containing data captured with tcpdump on a Linux system. When I tried to open the zip file on my MacBook Pro laptop running OS X El Capitan by double-clicking on the file within the Finder, I saw an "unable to expand" error message stating "Error 2 - No such file or directory." A Microsoft Windows user who downloaded the same zip file reported that he was unable to open it, either. When I tried to unzip the file from a Terminal window using the unzip utility, I saw an "End-of-central directory signature not found" error message.

$ file Zip archive data, at least v2.0 to extract
$ unzip 
  End-of-central-directory signature not found.  Either this file is not
  a zipfile, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part archive.  In the
  latter case the central directory and zipfile comment will be found on
  the last disk(s) of this archive.
unzip:  cannot find zipfile directory in one of or, and cannot find, period.

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Wed, Aug 06, 2014 9:00 pm

Command line unrar utility for Microsoft Windows

If you need to extract files from a .rar file on a Microsoft Windows system, RARLAB, which procues the WinRAR program that provides a GUI for dealing with RAR files on Microsoft Windows systems, also provides a free utility, unrar, which can be run from a command line on a Windows system. The utility is available at WinRAR and RAR archiver addons.

To use the program, you need to extract the unRAR.exe file from the file you download. You can do so by simply double-clicking on the unrarw32.exe file you downloaded. You will then be prompted for a directory into which the unRAR.exe file should be extracted.

Specificy unrar destination folder

The default installation directory is C:\Program Files(x86)\Unrar. If you don't have access to install files in that directory on a system, you can place it anywhere, e.g. in "My Documents". So you don't need administrator level access to a system to put the utility on a system or run it on a system. There is only the one file, Unrar.exe file that you need. to use the software.

If you see a Program Compatibility Assistant window appear stating "This program might not have installed correctly, you can simply click on "This program installed correctly" to have the Unrar.exe file placed in the directory you chose, if you have the appropriate access to place files in that directory..

Unrar Program Compatibility window

You can see the options availble for the program by typing unrar at a command prompt in the directory in which you extracted unrar.exe.


UNRAR 5.00 freeware      Copyright (c) 1993-2013 Alexander Roshal

Usage:     unrar <command> -<switch 1> -<switch N> <archive> <files...>
               <@listfiles...> <path_to_extract\>

  e             Extract files without archived paths
  l[t[a],b]     List archive contents [technical[all], bare]
  p             Print file to stdout
  t             Test archive files
  v[t[a],b]     Verbosely list archive contents [technical[all],bare]
  x             Extract files with full path

  -             Stop switches scanning
  @[+]          Disable [enable] file lists
  ac            Clear Archive attribute after compression or extraction
  ad            Append archive name to destination path
  ag[format]    Generate archive name using the current date
  ai            Ignore file attributes
  ap<path>      Set path inside archive
  c-            Disable comments show
  cfg-          Disable read configuration
  cl            Convert names to lower case
  cu            Convert names to upper case
  dh            Open shared files
  ep            Exclude paths from names
  ep3           Expand paths to full including the drive letter
  f             Freshen files
  id[c,d,p,q]   Disable messages
  ierr          Send all messages to stderr
  inul          Disable all messages
  ioff          Turn PC off after completing an operation
  kb            Keep broken extracted files
  n<file>       Additionally filter included files
  n@            Read additional filter masks from stdin
  n@<list>      Read additional filter masks from list file
  o[+|-]        Set the overwrite mode
  oc            Set NTFS Compressed attribute
  or            Rename files automatically
  ow            Save or restore file owner and group
  p[password]   Set password
  p-            Do not query password
  r             Recurse subdirectories
  ri<P>[:<S>]   Set priority (0-default,1-min..15-max) and sleep time in ms
  sl<size>      Process files with size less than specified
  sm<size>      Process files with size more than specified
  ta<date>      Process files modified after <date> in YYYYMMDDHHMMSS format
  tb<date>      Process files modified before <date> in YYYYMMDDHHMMSS format
  tn<time>      Process files newer than <time>
  to<time>      Process files older than <time>
  ts<m,c,a>[N]  Save or restore file time (modification, creation, access)
  u             Update files
  v             List all volumes
  ver[n]        File version control
  vp            Pause before each volume
  x<file>       Exclude specified file
  x@            Read file names to exclude from stdin
  x@<list>      Exclude files listed in specified list file
  y             Assume Yes on all queries


To extract the contents of a .rar file, use the e argument to unrar followed by the name of the rar file.

C:\Users\joe\Documents\bin>unrar e %USERPROFILE%\Downloads\ST0044_9e8d3db5

UNRAR 5.00 freeware      Copyright (c) 1993-2013 Alexander Roshal

Extracting from C:\Users\joe\Downloads\ST0044_9e8d3db592aa4e60904a3676eb33763.rar

Extracting  ST0044_BlacX Duet 5G Snow Editon_manual_12071201.pdf      OK
All OK

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