Name: rtf-converter_1.1.tar.gz
Description: rtf-converter
Version: 1.1
Size: 462 KB (473,250 bytes)
MD5 Sum: 224c2855e68d1aea5c4f0230cbc1879b
Developer: Greg Ford
Developer Website:
Obtained From: freshmeat.net - rtf-converter
Download URL: http://www.kaitiaki.org.nz/download/rtf-converter_1.1.tar.gz
Obtained On: 2/11/2006
Requirements: Linux, Unix, or Windows with a C++ compiler
Purchase Information: Free.
License: GNU Public License (GPL)
Redistributable: Yes
Comments: rtf-converter is a command line RTF to HTML converter application written in C++. It produces only the html body code which will need to be wrapped in "body" tags and given an html header. It attempts to produce HTML 4.0 (strict) compliant html code. It removes specific font and font-size references leaving only the basic paragraph styles and bold, italic etc.

This application has been compiled and run successfully on Redhat 6.2 and NT 4.0.

To install rtf-converter, you can use these installation steps.


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