Vuze - Select customize option to avoid adware/malware during upgrade

A Vuze upgrade notice appeared on a family member's Windows 10 system informing her that an upgrade to her current version of Vuze was available, so I installed the referenced upgrade, Vuze 5.7.4. When you are installing or upgrading Vuze, you need to be careful to select the "Customize" option. For the Vuze installation, be sure to check the small check box labelled Customize. Unless you choose the customize option, you will get third-party software installed with Vuze that may be adware/malware.

Vuze Customize option

E.g., after installing Vuze on a system previously, I found GeniusBox had been installed with Vuze, which surreptitiously monitored all web traffic, even encrypted HTTPS traffic.

This time when I upgraded Vuze to version, I saw "Free Search Offer by Spigot. Malware Removal Guides identifies Yahoo Spigot as a browser hijacker - see Malware Removal Guide's Spigot.Yahoo redirect Removal Guide for further information on this software and for instructions on how to remove it, if this software was installed when you installed Vuze or some other software. 25% discount

Vuze - Yahoo Spigot

The next third-part application that would have been installed had I not chosen the custom installation was Malware Protection Live.

Vuze - Malware Protection Live

The Botcrawl site, which "contains tech and internet security news and guides to help you fix everyday computer problems", notes in How to remove Malware Protection Live (Virus Removal Guide):

Our review of Malware Protection Live found that the program is utterly worthless. The program is not like other Anti-Malware type products, as it has no interface, just a standalone red window that says PROTECT YOUR COMPUTER FROM MALWARE. The window can also not be closed, it can only be minimized.

Malware Protection Live did not block or remove malware we manually introduced to our test machine. It found absolutely nothing that we infected our machine with. Our conclusion was very easy to measure. Malware Protection Live is completely worthless and adds no value to your computer.

The way that Malware Protection Live is marketed allows the program to bundle with adware, unwanted programs, and malware.

This software is also commented upon by Nei1 in response to a Vuze forum posting at malware contained in update.

After declining Spigot and Malware Protection Live, I saw another attempt to install Spigot software at a "Free Offer by Spigot" window. At the bottom of that window, I saw "Install Settings Manager & the Extensions by Spigot (BrowserExtensions(IE), Shopping Helper/New Tab/Domain Error Assistants (GC), Slick Savings/Startpage/Ebay FF)." I clicked on Decline at that window. If you find that software on your Mac system, the Sophos Community site has an article How to remove adware web browser extensions on your Mac which notes:

The 'Domain Error Assistant' extension shown first in the list below is adware too and is trying to hide itself by trying to sound like it does something genuine.

That was the last window where I saw third-party software listed as part of the installation of Vuze


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