Determining Motherboard Manufacturer and Model on a Windows System

I wanted to determine the manufacturer and model number of a motherboard in a Windows server at a remote location. I didn't want to drive a half hour there, open up the system's case to make that determination, and drive a half hour back home. Since I have Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) access to the system, I connected by RDP and ran the WMIC command wmic baseboard get product,manufacturer,model,serialnumber,version from a command prompt. I saw the following output:

C:\>wmic baseboard get product,manufacturer,model,serialnumber,version
Manufacturer                      Model  Product     SerialNumber   Version

00000000000000000000000000000000         S03 Server  QCHCNB3440135  Revision A


Since the manufacturer was listed as a string of all zeros, I decided to install the free Speccy program from Piriform. When I installed and ran the software, it also showed all zeros for the manufacturer.


The display did show the manufacturer and model number for the two disk drives in the system. When I clicked on Motherboard on the displayed information, I saw additional details on the motherboard, including the number of free PCI slots.

Udemy Generic Category (English)120x600

Speccy - motherboard details

I then tried to obtain information on the model number of the computer itself, I knew the manufacturer was Gateway Inc., but I didn't know the model. I used the wmic csproduct get vendor,name command and saw the following output:

C:\>wmic csproduct get vendor,name
Name        Vendor
920 Series  Gateway


I added the "identifyingnumber" parameter and saw the following:

C:\>wmic csproduct get vendor,name,identifyingnumber
IdentifyingNumber  Name        Vendor
0032880113         920 Series  Gateway


The identifyingnumber is the serial number for the system. It was also the number returned by the wmic bios get serialnumber command.

C:\>wmic bios get serialnumber


Gateway no longer has information on the 920 series servers they once manufactured on the company's support site, but I found that I had downloaded and saved the Gateway 920 Server User's Guide twelve years ago. When I checked the "Server Specifications" section of that guide, I found that page 83 did list four 64-bit and one 32-bit PCI slot as reported by Speccy. I was also able to search online for "Gateway 920 motherboard", which led to a page on eBay where the specs for the Gateway 920 motherboard were listed.

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