Foxconn 661M03-G-6L Motherboard

A friend of a family member was having problems with his PC. It would lockup or crash when he ran programs that required a lot of memory. It sounded to me like he likely had a problem with the system's memory. I sent him links where he could download the two free memory diagnostic programs, Memtest86 and Windows Memory Diagnostic, which is made available from Microsoft. For both programs, you use the file you download to create a bootable floppy diskette or CD. You then boot the system from the floppy diskette or CD you created and run the memory diagnostic program. By not booting into Windows you can test more of the system's memory and have eliminated the possiblity that problems you are experiencing may be within Windows itself.

In this case, the PC owner said that the system would freeze during the memory tests also. He was in a distant state, so I couldn't test the system myself, but I was fairly certain that he needed to replace a memory module, so I then had him try to determine what type of memory was in the system. So that he would not have to open the case, I asked him to go to and run the BIOS Agent to determine his BIOS ID string or go to Wim's BIOS and download CTBIOS to get the BIOS ID. From the BIOS ID, I might be able to identify the motherboard manufacturer and model at the WIM's BIOS website.

He said that the motherboard had a SiS chipset with Award BIOS 6.0 and that the BIOS ID string was 10/28/2004-SiS-661-6A7I4FK9C-00. If you want to know what the characters in an Award BIOS ID string represent see Identifying a Motherboard from the Award BIOS String, though I haven't updated that information for almost two years now.

Unfortunately, in this case I wasn't able to identify the motherboard manufacturer from his BIOS ID string by checking the Wim's BIOS site. And I only found a 3 references when I performed a Google search on "SiS-661-6A7I4FK9C-00" (I didn't find any if I included the 10/28/2004 BIOS date at the beginning of the string). But the search did allow me to determine the manufacturer was Foxconn. At Ockling P4 1.6a Help, I found a similar BIOS ID string, 01/22/2005-SiS-661-6A7I4FK9C-00, listed for a Foxconn 661M03-G motherboard.

I decided to have him go to the Crucial Memory website and run the Crucial System Scanner to identify the type of memory needed for his motherboard. That on-line tool is very useful in identifying what type of memory is needed for a system without having to open the system, but, unfortunately, in this case it was not able to identify the motherboard.

So I had him open the case and look for a number on the motherboard with a "661" in it. He said he found a model number near the motherboard that looked like "661M83C6L". When I told him I saw "661M03" listed as part of the model number for Foxconn motherboards, but no "661M83", he said that on closer inspection the "8" appeared to be a "0". The only motherboard that appeared to match on the Foxconn motherboard identification page was the 661M03-G-6L motherboard but he thought he saw 661M03C6L not 661M03G6L, but I believe what he saw as a "C" was actually a "G".

The user guide for that motherboard lists the following information for system memory:

System Memory
Two 184-pin DIMM slots
Supports PC 3200/PC 2700/PC 2100 memory
Supports 128/256/512 Mb technology up to 2GB

Though how can you get up to 2 GB of memory if there are only two memory slots that support a maximum of a 512 MB memory module? He said that he had 512 MB of memory in the system, but only one memory slot was occupied.

Image showing the Foxconn 661M03-G-6L motherboard
Foxconn 661M03-G-6L User Manual/Easy Installation Guide


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