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Sun, Apr 27, 2008 8:30 pm

Store.Exe Consuming Excessive Memory

On a Microsoft Exchange 2003 server, I've found Task Manager reporting high memory utilization. When I sort the running processes by memory utilization in the Task Manager (click on the Performance tab then click on the Processes column header to sort them), I see store.exe consuming over 500 MB. This is happening at the moment on a Sunday evening when few of the systems in the domain even have Outlook open to check email. The CPU utilization is low, less than 10% at the moment when I am seeing the 500 MB memory usage.

I've been seeing memory utilization jumping up to high values a lot lately. Rebooting the system resolves the problem, but I don't want to be rebooting the Exchange server every day. I can also reduce the memory utilization by selecting Run and typing services.msc to bring up the services list, I can then right-click on Microsoft Exchange Information Store and stop the service and then restart it. I then see store.exe using about 20 MB of memory when I check its utilization with the Windows Task Manager

The Microsoft Exchange Information Store service manages the Microsoft Exchange Information Store, which includes mailbox stores and public folder stores. If the service is stopped, mailbox stores and public folder stores on the computer become unavailable, so it needs to be restarted immediately after stopping it.


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