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Sat, Jun 27, 2009 8:05 pm

Copying X-Fonter Settings

I needed to copy X-Fonter settings from my wife's desktop system to a new laptop. She uses X-Fonter as a font manager. On her Windows XP desktop system, there was a folder, C:\Program Files\X-Fonter\Collection with a lot of .xfl files. I copied the contents of that folder to \Program Files (x86)\X-Fonter\Collections on the new laptop.

An X-Fonter XFL file is just a text file that lists the location of fonts that are in a font collection. For instance, my wife has a "Celtic" collection. The information for that collection is stored in Celtic.xfl, which on her old system, contained the following lines:

X-Fonter Collection
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\A\ameruncn.ttf|AmericanUncD
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\A\AONCC___.TTF|Aon Cari Celtic
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\B\boyduncial.ttf|BoydUncial
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\B\BUNCHLO.TTF|Bunchló\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\C\Celtasmigoria.ttf|Celtasmigoria
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\C\celticmd.ttf|Celticmd Decorative w Drop Caps
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\C\CELTICHD.TTF|CelticHand
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\C\CelticEels.ttf|CelticEels
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\C\CelticaBlack.ttf|Celtica Black
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\C\CELTIC-1.TTF|Celtic101
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\C\celti_er.ttf|Celtic-Extended Normal
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\C\celti_eb.ttf|Celtic-Extended Bold
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\C\celti_cr.ttf|Celtic-Condensed Normal
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\C\celti_cb.ttf|Celtic-Condensed Bold
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\C\CELTP___.TTF|Celtic Patterns
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\C\celti__r.ttf|Celtic Normal
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\C\Celtic Knot.TTF|Celtic Knot
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\C\CELTG___.TTF|Celtic Garamond the 2nd
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\C\CELTF___.TTF|Celtic Frames
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\C\celti__b.ttf|Celtic Bold
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\C\CelticB.ttf|Celtic Bold
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\C\CRY.TTF|Cry Uncial
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\D\dahaut__.ttf|Dahaut
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\D\DS_Celtic_Border-1.ttf|DS_Celtic Border 1
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\D\DS_Celtic-2.ttf|DS_Celtic 2
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\D\DS_Celtic-1.ttf|DS_Celtic 1
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\F\FAERIE__.TTF|Faerie
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\F\FLORIMEL.TTF|Florimel.
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\F\FULLMN1.TTF|Full Moon 1
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\G\GAEIL1.TTF|Gaeilge 1 Normal
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\G\Gaelic.ttf|Gaelic
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\K\kelt__cr.ttf|Kelt-Condensed Normal
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\K\kelt__ci.ttf|Kelt-Condensed Italic
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\K\kelt___r.ttf|Kelt Normal
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\K\kelt___i.ttf|Kelt Italic
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\P\Pee's Celtic Plain.ttf|Pee's Celtic Plain
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\P\Pee's Celtic outline.ttf|Pee's Celtic outline
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\P\Pee's Celtic Italic.ttf|Pee's Celtic Italic
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\N\NARROW.TTF|PR Celtic Narrow
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\S\SPIRI___.TTF|Spiral Initials
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\S\st______.ttf|Stonecross
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\S\stonehen.ttf|Stonehenge Regular
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\T\Tattoo No1.ttf|Tattoo No1
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\T\Tattoo No2.ttf|Tattoo No2
D:\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\U\uncl1475.ttf|Uncial 1475

She had copied all of the fonts to her new laptop, but now they were in a different location. Now they were in C:\Users\Username\Documents\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\l not D:\\Computer & Desktop\Fonts\Collection\l, with l representing the letter at the beginning of the font name. That was just the convention she used for organizing her fonts.

So I needed to update the location for all of her fonts in the XFL files on the laptop. I wasn't able to edit the files from her account util I changed the security permissions on the C:\Program Files (x86)\X-Fonter\Collections directory. To change the security permisions on the directory in Microsoft Vista, take the following steps.

  1. Right-click on the folder name and chose Properties.
  2. Click on the Security tab.
  3. Click on the Edit button.
  4. When notified that Windows needs your permission to continue, click on Continue.
  5. Click on the Add button.
  6. In the "Enter the object names to select" field, type the name for the account to which you want to grant permission to edit the collections XFL files, e.g. Mary, if that happened to be the login name to which you wanted to grant that capability.
  7. Click on the Check Names button to verify the entry.
  8. Click on OK.
  9. In the permissions list, click on Full Control to give that account the capability to make any needed changes to the folder and its contents, i.e. the collections XFL files.
  10. Click on OK.
  11. Click on OK again to close the Collections Properties window.

You can then edit the XFL files from the account to make any needed changes, rather than being forced to only make changes from the administrator account.

I edited the .xfl files with Windows Notepad using its "replace" function to replace the old location with the current location for her fonts. Then when I opened X-Fonter, clicked on the Collections tab, and selected a collection by clicking on it, I could see the font listed under Font Example and the font was shown in the right pane of the X-Fonter window rather than seeing "Font not Found" under Font Exmple and just a default font in the right pane of the X-Fonter window. If X-Fonter is displaying "File not Found" in the Font Example field, you can right click on the "File not Found" message and choose Properties to see where X-Fonter is expecting to find the font.

Note: If you have X-Fonter open when you edit an XFL file, you will need to close X-Fonter and reopen it for it to see any changes you have made to the XFL file.

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Sat, Jun 27, 2009 6:35 pm

Transferring Winamp Settings Between Systems

I needed to transfer Winamp settings from my wife's desktop system to a new laptop system. I had added Live365 Internet Radio to her list of online services in Winamp. To set up Winamp on the new system to have Live365 in the list of online services I used the instructions at Adding Live365 to WinAmp's Online Services List.

She also wanted her bookmarks copied. On her old Windows XP system, her bookmarkes were stored in C:\Program Files\Winamp\ I couldn't find a file with that name on her new laptop running Windows Vista after Winamp was installed on it. So I asked her to create a bookmark in Winamp while she was logged into her account. I then searched the system again and found a file was created in C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Winamp, where Username was her account name on the laptop. I deleted that file and copied the one from the old system to that location. Note: at first I left the just recently created file there and pasted in the one from the other system, but that just created a shortcut to the one on the old system, so I deleted the existing one and then copied in the other one. When I opened Winamp on the new laptop, all of her bookmarks were accessible.

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Sat, Jun 27, 2009 1:26 pm

Moving Outlook Data from One System to Another

I needed to copy Outlook settings on my wife's Windows XP desktop system to a new HP laptop running Windows Vista. She wanted to have her email, contacts, and stationery available on the new system. I've placed my notes on what I needed to do in Moving Outlook Data from One System to Another.

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Sat, Jun 27, 2009 12:04 pm

Reformatting a Paragraph in Vi

I often want to reformat a paragraph in Vi or Vim after I've pasted information into a document when the text is wrapping around rather than having line breaks at column 80. On a Linux system, I can place the cursor at the beginning of the paragraph and use !}fmt to reformat the paragraph. But that doesn't work when I'm using Vim on Windows. But I can use gq at the beginning of the paragraph on a Windows or Linux system to reformat a paragraph. When I then use the downward arrow key to move down in the document, the paragraph reformats.


  1. reformatting
    vim tips and tricks

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Sat, Jun 27, 2009 11:38 am

Michael Jackson dead? NO!!!

Michael Jackson died on June 25. Spammers are already trying to capitalize on his death by referencing it in their spam messages. Mcafee's TrustedSource site reports the following at Michael Jackson News Affects Web Traffic

The announcement of Michael Jackson.s death has caused immediate effects on the Web 2.0 world. The impact ranged from the interruption on Facebook of coverage of Farrah Fawcett.s death to a surge experienced by Twitter. The Web 2.0 world is definitely abuzz with traffic regarding his passing.

Within hours the percentage of “long-tail” URL traffic associated with Michael Jackson was growing. It peaked around 1 p.m. Eastern time today and now seems to be dropping. These URLs contained mostly generic information about Jackson-blogs, posts, tributes, photos, and collections of his entertainment past. And, yes, some even contained links to malware or rogue anti-virus software.

How do people find these URLs? seen spam, tweets, blog postings, group postings, and even mobile phone alerts. In addition, as predicted by Avert Labs, seen search-engine optimization (SEO) in action. There were several attempts to capitalize on redirecting users to known malware-serving sites associated with other SEO campaigns. We found it interesting during our research to see how fast some of the search engines seemed to respond to this. One popular keyword search done around 9 p.m. yesterday showed seven of the top 10 links going to some of these well-known malicious servers. That same search done an hour later showed only one of the top 10 involved.

As the entertainment industry continues to pay tribute and homage to Jackson, we expect that spam and SEO efforts will grow over the weekend. Eventually a new piece of news will replace this event, and there will be a new story-with much the same results.

My wife got email this morning with a subject of "Michael Jackson dead? NO!!!". Withing the message was the following text:

Michael Jackson dead? NO!!!

Open attached file and read!!!

There was an attachment with the message, Michael Jackson Live!.html . I saved the attachment to the hard drive and opened it with a text editor. There was only one line in it, which is shown below:

<meta http-equiv='Refresh' content='0; url=' />

If you opened the file in a web browser, that line would cause your browser to "refresh" the webpage you opened, but using the URL .

The spam message my wife received was listed at Michael Jackson dead? NO!!! on Spam me! Send me your spam messages!, a site which states "In a normal situation you should definitelly not want such thing in your e-mail inbox, however, this website is meant to do exactly the opposite: get as many spam messages as possible, clean them of any harmful stuff (adult images, links to dubious websites and others) and present them to you to research or whatever you want them for."

I didn't visit the site, but out of curiosity, checked its reputation at various web reputation sites.


I issued a query for at TrustedSource. Unfortunately, that site was experiencing difficulties when I checked and simply returned "Service currently not available (3), please try again later!"

McAfee SiteAdvisor®

I issued a query for at the McAfee SiteAdvisor® site. It returned "Our analysis found that this site may be promoted through spammy e-mail." It also reported "This site has been queued for testing. Please come back soon for automated results."

Norton Safe Web

I issued a query for at Symantec's Norton Safe Web site. It reported "This site has not been tested yet."

Barracuda Central

I also checked the reputation of the site using Barracuda Central's IP / Domain Lookups tools. Barracuda Networks sells antspam appliances. I clicked on the Domain Reputation tab and put in . Barracuda Central reported "This domain name is listed on Barracuda's Intent Block List."

Trend Micro Web Reputation Query

I issued a query on The Trend Micro Web Reputation Query site reported "This URL is not currently listed as malicious."

BorderWare ReputationAuthority

I issued a query on The site reported the domain had a "good" reputation.

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