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Sat, Aug 29, 2015 10:44 pm

Install MOD Stop Spammer v2.3.9 in other themes

The Stop Spammer mod can be used on a Simple Machines Forum (SMF) site in conjuction with the httpBL mod to deny spammers access to a forum. The package uses the Stop Forum Spam site's database of spammers, which tracks IP addreses, email addresses and usernames used by forum spammers.

To use the package, you need to obtain an API key from the Stop Forum Spam site; you will provide that key at the settings page for the mod once you have installed the package. You can view your keys at the Stop Forum Spam API Keys page.

When you install the package, you can choose to install it for some or all of the themes installed on the site. During the installation, the following three files will be installed in the images/icons/ directory for the themes that you choose during the Stop Spammer mod installation:


E.g., if I chose to install the mod for the "Blue Moonlight" theme, the following would appear during the installation process:

Blue Moonlight
Extract File ./Themes/Blue_Moonlight_SMF2/images/icons/spammer.gif
Extract File ./Themes/Blue_Moonlight_SMF2/images/icons/suspect.gif
Extract File ./Themes/Blue_Moonlight_SMF2/images/icons/moreinfo.gif

You can get to the setings page for the package by putting index.php?action=admin;area=regcenter;sa=settings at the end of the URL for the forum.

[/network/web/forums/smf] permanent link

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