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Mon, Oct 12, 2015 12:13 pm

MediaMonkey taking a long time to start playing music

My wife told me that MediaMonkey (MM) on her PC was taking a long time to start playing songs; it could take 20 seconds to begin playing a song after she double-clicked on it from the Windows Explorer to play the song. She showed the problem to me by having Windows 8 use Media Monkey as the default player for MP3 files. When she clicked on a song, I observed it did take as long as she reported, but when she then switched the default player to Windows Media Player, songs started playing almost immediately when she double-clicked on them. I checked the version of MediaMonkey on her system and found it was When I checked the MediaMonkey website at MediaMonkey >> Download, I found the current version is After I downloaded and installed that version, the problem no longer occurred.

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