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Sat, Oct 10, 2015 4:06 pm

ACDSee Video Converter Pro - Error opening file for writing

When I attempted to install ACDSee Video Converter Pro 4.1 on my wife's computer, I received the mesage "Error opening file for writing" referencing the file CheckWinVer.exe.

ACDSee Video Converter Pro - Error opening file for writing

The problem was due to the fact that I hadn't right-clicked on the installation file and chosen "Run as administrator". When I aborted the installation and started over running it as administrator, the program installed successfully.

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Sat, Oct 10, 2015 3:48 pm

Clearing Media Monkey and Windows Media Player Libraries

If you wish to clear the Windows Media Player (WMP) library, but not delete the music from your system, within the program while viewing your music, hit Ctrl-A to select all entries then right-click and select Delete. When a window opens prompting you as to whether you wish to delete items only from your library or wish to also delete the music files, e.g., MP3 files, from your system, leave "Delete from library only" selected and click on OK.

WMP - Delete from Library

In MediaMonkey, to clear the database, you can click on File then select Clear Database. You will then be prompted to type "YES" to ensure that you didn't inadvertently select to remove all entries from the Media Monkey music library for your account. For a family member who wanted to reinitialize her library, though, I found that after typing "YES" in all capital letters to proceed that a blue circling ring appeared for awhile, but afterwards all of the entries remained visible in the proram. If I clicked on File and selected Close or clicked on the "X" at the upper, right-hand corner of the Media Monkey window, the program would not close. When I closed the program through the Windows Task Manager, reopening it showed all the entries remained. Perhaps, because she had such an extensive music collection, the program may have been taking a long time to clear the database, but the library was never cleared after we performed several attempts to clear it. But there is another way to clear the database and start fresh. You can, instead, delete the Media Monkey database file, MM.DB. After killing the program through the Task Manager, I deleted that file, which, on a Windows 8 system is found at C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\MediaMonkey\MM.DB where username is the username for the account. Note: you may have to turn on the display of hidden files, folders, and drives through the Windows Explorer in order to view that location. I also deleted MM.DB-journal, which is found at that location. Then, when she reopened Media Monkey, the library was empty and she was able to add the music she wanted in the library back into it.

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