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Mon, Nov 30, 2015 9:54 pm

Fix for 802.1X authentication failing after password change

I changed my password for a MacBook Pro laptop running OS X 10.8.5. After I did so, since the password is also used for 802.1X authentication for a work wireless network, that authentication was failing. I would see "Authenticating" for a long time and then, eventually, a message indicating that the system couldn't join the relevent wireless network because "A connection timeout occurred." I was never prompted to provide a new password for authenticaion. I was able to fix the problem, by opening the Keychain Access utility found in Applications/Utilities then selecting Passwords from the Category list in the left pane of the Keychain Access window. In the right pane, I saw several entries for the wireless network identified as "802.1X Password" for Kind in the "login" Keychain. All but the top one had "WPA:" at the beginning of the Name. I selected the top one, though, because the Date Modified field for it contained "Today" whereas all of the other entries had a date value of Aug 14, 2013. When I double-clicked on the top entry with the modification date of today, another window opened with Name, Kind, Account, Where, and Comments fields under the Attributes tab. There was also a check box for "Show password". When I checked that box, a window opened stating "Keychain Access wants to use your confidential information..." requesting the "login" keychain pasword. I provided that password and clicked on the Allow button. I was then able to view the current 802.11X password and change the password for the 802.11x authentication to the wireless network. After clicking on Save Changes. I was then able to successfully complete the 802.1X authentiction seeing an "Authenticated via PEAP (MSCHAPv2) message in the System Preferences Network window.

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