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Wed, Apr 06, 2016 10:51 pm

Checking the version of CometChat installed on a forum

If you are using CometChat with a Simple Machines Forum (SMF) to provide an online chat feature for users of the forum and wish to determine the version currently on a Linux system, make the current working directory the one in which CometChat is installed, e.g. cd ~/public_html/myforum/cometchat, if that is the directory where CometChat is installed; the ~ will be translated by the system to represent your "home" directory, i.e, the directory you are placed in when you log into the system. Then search for "currentversion" in the index.php file, which will be found in the admin subdirectory beneath the cometchat directory. In the example below, the version installed is 4.4.0.
$ grep "currentversion" admin/index.php
$currentversion = '4.4.0';

You can also find the version by viewing the contents of the CHANGELOG.txt file in the CometChat directory. The current version will be listed near the top of the file with the new features provided in that version.

$ more CHANGELOG.txt
 CometChat Change Log


+ Jabber/XMPP support
+ Inline popups for plugins/extensions
+ Desktop Messenger support
+ CometService/BeaconPush/APE enabled for chatrooms
+ Facebook chat login with your own Facebook application keys
+ Enhanced and simplified theming
+ Sleaker scroller

The CometChat website has a statement that "We provide support only for the latest stable version. No support is provided for beta or older releases."

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