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Thu, Sep 15, 2016 10:01 pm

Using the openssl command to troubleshoot POP3S

I received a call from someone today reporting that he could no longer check email for his Verizon email account using Thunderbird on his Apple laptop. He reported that he was getting a message indicating that authorization was failing. He had the same problem a few days ago and had contacted Verzon support then. The Verizon support person he talked to reset his password. He was able to check his email afterwards through the webmail interface Verizon provides to its users through, but the same password was not working with Thunderbird. I connected to his system via TeamViewer and verified that the userid and password that was working through the webmail interface was not working when used in Thunderbird. I verified that the email settings in Thunderbird matched what Verizion recommended, though he had been using those settings successfully for a long time, so they should have been working today. The settings inside Thunderbird were as follows:

POP3: (port 995, SSL/TLS, normal password)
SMTP: (port 465, SSL/TLS, normal password)

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