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Sat, Jul 08, 2017 10:57 pm

Finding files modified today

On Unix-like operating systems, such as Linux or OS X/macOS system, you can use the find command to locate files based on specified criteria. If you want to see just those files modified within the last day, you can use a command such as the one below:
$ find /home/jdoe/Documents -mtime -1 -type f -print

The command above would list those files created within the /home/jdoe/Documents directory and its subdirectories that were created in the last day, which is specified with -mtime -1. The mtime references a file's modification time and the minus one indicates you only want to see those files created today; -type f indicates you are only interested in files, not directories or other objects while -print indicates you want find to display the names of the files it finds that match the specified criteria. Note: this method will show files created within the last 24 hours, not just those created since the start of the current day at midnight the previous night. An alternative method, to see just those files created or modified since the beginning of the current day, is to specify today's date with -newermt. E.g., if today is July 8, 2017, I could use the command below to find files with a modification time newer than the specified date:

$ find /home/jdoe/Documents -newermt 2017-07-08 -type f

That command will also show me the files in the specified directory that were created or modified today.


  1. Find man page for Linux (Centos 7)
  2. Find man page for OS X (Yosemite)

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