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Thu, Jul 20, 2017 10:49 pm

Passing a parameter to a Python script from a web page

I have a Python script that I use to process a copy of a webpage downloaded from a website and stored on my MacBook Pro laptop's hard drive to produce a CSV file from the data within that file. I was running the script from a command-line interface (CLI), i.e., a Terminal window, on the system by issuing a command like ./ inputfile outputfile where inputfile and outputfile were the file names and locations of the file holding the data and the output CSV file, respectively. I wanted to execute that script from a link on a web page, instead, so I needed a way to pass the arguments I had been passing on the command line to the Python script in the URL that I'd specify as the link on the web page. One way that you can do that for Python is explained at [Tutor] Passing Arguments to a Remote CGI Script where the following sample Python script is shown:

"""test.cgi  --- a small CGI program to show how one can pass parameters.

import cgi
fs = cgi.FieldStorage()

print "Content-type: text/plain\n"
for key in fs.keys():
    print "%s = %s" % (key, fs[key].value)

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