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Sun, Oct 31, 2021 9:53 pm

Trimming an MP4 Video on a Microsoft Windows 10 system

On a Microsoft Windows 10 system, if you wish to save just a portion of a video that is in MP4 format, you can do so if you are viewing the video in the Movies & TV application, which is the default program for playing videos, by clicking on the pencil icon near the bottom, right side of the window. If you double-click on the file for the video, it will likely open in the Movies & TV app, but if that is not the default program for playing videos, you should be able to open it in the program by right-clicking on the file and choosing Open with then selecting Movies & TV. Once you click on the pencil item in the application, you can then choose Trim which appears beneath Edit in Photos. You should then see white circles at the beginning and end of a white line at the bottom of the video that represents the length of the video. You can drag those white circles to the points in the video that you wish to be the starting and stopping points for the video. E.g., if I had a video that was several hours long, but I only wanted the first hour of the video, I could drag the white circle at the bottom, ride side of the window to the left until I saw 1:00, which represents 1 hour and 0 minutes. Once you have just the portion of the video timeline you want isolated with the white circles, click on Save as, which appears near the top, right side of the window next to an icon that depicts a pencil over a 3 1/2" floppy disk. You can then chose a file name you want for the new copy as the program doesn't change your original file, but makes a copy with just the portion of the original file you opted to save. By default, the program will append "_trim" to the original file name. If it is a large video, you may need to wait a few minutes for the new file to be created from the larger original file.

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