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Sat, Jan 13, 2018 10:20 pm

Using downloaded Visio stencils with Visio 2016

I needed to add a Juniper SRX Series Services Gateway to a network diagram created with Microsoft Visio 2016, so I downloaded the SRX Series stencils from Juniper Networks Product Icons & Visio Stencils page. The downloaded file was a ZIP file, so I extracted the contents of that file. Within the .zip file were two .VSS files: Juniper Branch SRX Series.vss and Juniper Data Center SRX Series.vss. On a Microsoft Windows system, if you wish to make shapes within a .vss file available within Visio, you can copy the .vss files to the My Shapes directory within the Documents directory for the account you are using. To then access the shapes, click on More Shapes on the left side of the Visio 2016 window, then select My Shapes. You should then see the names for the .vss files you added to the My Shapes directory listed.

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Thu, Apr 16, 2009 4:41 pm

Inserting Author and Last Edit Date in a Visio Drawing

In Visio 2003, to insert a field, such as the date a Visio drawing was last edited or the name of the document's creator, click on the text tool icon, i.e. the "A" in the toolbar at the top of the Visio window, which selects the Text Tool.

Visio - select text tool

Hold the mouse button down and drag the mouse while holding the button down to create a text box. To insert a field into the text box, rather than typing text, click on Insert, then select Field. You can click on Date/Time to see options for inserting dates and times into the document. If you selected the Last Edit Date/Time, you could insert the date and/or time the document was last edited. If you later edited the drawing again, that value would be updated automatically in the area where you inserted it in the drawing.

Visio - date/time field

If you placed author and company information in the drawings "properties" by clicking on File then Properties, you could insert that information in the document as well.

Visio - document properties

Instead of selecting Date/Time when choosing which information to insert in the document, you would then select Document Info for the field.

Visio - date/time field


  1. Creating text fields to display information in Visio
    Microsoft Office Online

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Tue, Jun 24, 2008 10:03 pm

Visio Netscreen Shapes

MTMnet, Inc. provides Netscreen shapes, as well as many other network shapes, at's Visio Icon & Stencil Library

The following Juniper Networks NetScreen shapes are provided:

5GT WirelessNetscreen-5GT Wireless
500 GPRSNetscreen-500 GPRS
IDP 10Netscreen-IDP 10
IDP 100Netscreen-IDP 100
IDP 500Netscreen-IDP 500
IDP 1000Netscreen-IDP 1000
ISG 2000Netscreen-ISG 2000
RA 500Netscreen-RA 500
SA 1000Netscreen-SA 1000
SA 3000Netscreen-SA 3000
SA 3000 FIPSNetscreen-SA 3000 FIPS
SA 5000Netscreen-SA 5000
SA 5000 FIPSNetscreen-SA 5000 FIPS
SM 3000Netscreen-SM 3000
Netscreen-SA Central ManagerNetscreen-SA Central Manager
Netscreen-Global ProNetscreen-Global Pro
Netscreen-Security Manager 2004Netscreen-Security Manager 2004
Netscreen-Remote Security clientNetscreen-Remote Security client
Netscreen-Remote VPN clientNetscreen-Remote VPN client
Generic 19in RackGeneric 19" Rack

Download the .vss file onto your system. Visio 2003 stores the stencils that come with it in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Visio11\1033. You should also have a My Shapes directory under your My Documents directory. I store stencils I've downlaoded there.

To use the new shapes, in Visio, click on File, then Shapes, then My Shapes, if you've stored them in that directory. Then select Netscreen for the Netscreen shapes.

Download Sites:
ShapeSource by Visimation
MoonPoint Support

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