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Thu, Jun 23, 2022 9:46 pm

Maximum memory for an HP 3047h Motherboard

A family member said a Windows 10 system she is using for gaming is running slowly and inquired about adding additional memory to the system. I didn't know the model of the motherboard in the system nor the maximum amount of memory it could accomodate. Rather than opening up the desktop system, I checked on the manufacturer and model of the motherboard from a command-line interface (CLI) with a Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line (WMIC) command and found it was a Hewlett-Packard (HP) 3047h motherboard.

Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19043.1766]
(c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Users\Colleen>wmic baseboard get product,manufacturer,model,serialnumber,version
Manufacturer     Model  Product  SerialNumber  Version
Hewlett-Packard         3047h    MXL11925F3


I also saw 3047h listed as the "baseboard product" ("baseboard" is another name used for "motherboard") when I typed System Information in the Windows "Type here to search" field and selcted that application.

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Tue, Apr 10, 2012 8:00 am

Memory for Asus P4P800-E

I installed two additional memory modules in an ASUS P4P800-E motherboard. The motherboard has 4 memory slots that take DDR1 memory modules. The system had two 1 GB memory modules already installed. I installed two additional 1 GB memory modules giving the system 4 GB of RAM, which is the maximum amount of memory the P4P800-E motherboard will support. I used Corsair VS1GB333 memory modules. After I installed the additional memory, I used the free MemScope Memory Tester software to test all of the memory in the system. I let the test run over night for six complete passes and part of a seventh pass with no errors found.

Note: you can download the MemScope Memory Tester software here. At the moment there is a missing image on the page that has a link associated with it for downloading the software. The link appears immediately below the "Test 7 Random Data Sequence Test" paragraph or you can click here to access the form you need to fill out to download the software.

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Tue, Feb 07, 2006 12:02 am

Foxconn 661M03-G-6L Motherboard Memory

If you have a motherboard with a BIOS ID string of 10/28/2004-SiS-661-6A7I4FK9C-00, then you have a Foxconn 661M03-G-6L motherboard. The Foxconn 661M03-G-6L Motherboard has two 184-pin DIMM slots. You can use PC 3200, PC 2700, or PC 2100 memory in the slots. The motherboard manual states that it supports 128 MB, 256 MB, or 512 MB modules for a maximum capacity of 2 GB, but if it only supports upt to 512 MB per slot, then the maximum memory you can support is 1 GB.

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Sun, Feb 22, 2004 9:01 pm

Identifying a Motherboard from the Award BIOS String

When I turned on a fairly old PC, I received a memory test fail error as the system started the boot process. I opened the system to look for the motherboard model number, but couldn't find one, though I saw "Matsonic" stamped on the motherboard.

Since the system displayed the BIOS string at the bottom of the screen, I thought I should be able to identify the motherboard model from that string. The information displayed on the screen is shown below.

Award Modular BIOS v4.51PG, An Energy Star Ally
Copyright (C) 1984-97, Award Software, Inc.

Release 04/30/1998 S

Memory Test: 90112K OK

Award Plug and Play BIOS Extension v1.0A
Copyright (C) 1997, Award Software, Inc.
 Detecting HDD Primary Master None

Memory test fail

Press F1 to continue, DEL to enter SETUP

The BIOS string is in the last line. I know Award is the BIOS manufacturer, since I see "Award Plug and Play BIOS". The second to last group of dash separated characters, "2A5LDH09C" should hopefully identify the motherboard model. The interpretation of the BIOS string is as follows:


mm/dd/yy - the BIOS date in the form of month/date/year
For newer BIOS releases, you may see mm/dd/yyyy. In this case, the BIOS date is April 30, 1998.

The next group of characters after the first dash is usually used by the manufacturer for chipset and I/O name. In this case, I see "537+UMC8670F"

2A5LDH09C - the next group of dash separated characters can be interpreted as follows.

1st Character 2nd Character 3rd Character 4th Character 5th Character 6th Character1 7th and 8th Characters 9th and 10th Characters
BIOS Application Bus System / Topology CPU Type Chipset Manufacturer Chipset Name Flash Identifier
Manufacturer Code Model ID
1 BIOS before v4.2
2 EliteBIOS v4.5x (commonly known as Award Modular BIOS 4.51PG)
3 PowerBIOS v5.0 (Software on floppy disk)
4 CardWare PCMCIA
5 CAMPliant SCSI
6 Medallion BIOS v6.00
7 Socket services
8 Card services
9 OEM card manufacturing kit
1 - ISA
2 - PS/2
3 - EISA Video
4 - Other
5 - EISA / ISA
6 - SCSI
8 - SCSI / CAM
9 - SCSI / CAMkit
C - ISA / PM
E - PCI / PnP
1 - 8086 / 8088
2 - 80286
3 - 80386
4 - 80486
5 - Pentium class
6 - Pentium II/III class OR Cyrix 386
7 - Cyrix 486
8 - 386SL
9 - 386SX
A - 42
B - 80C51SL
U - Universal
1 - ALD
3 - Cyrix
5 - ST Micro
6 - ATI Tech
9 - Intel
D - HiNT
H - Contaq
I - SiS
J - Symphony [Winbond]
K - Acer Labs Inc ALi
R - Forex
T - ACC Micro
U - OPTi
Only useful with
chipset manufacturer
( see complete listing )
i Intel 12V
s SST 5V Flash ROM
A0 ASUSTeK Computer Inc. (Formerly Aorta Systems
A1 ABIT Computer Corp.
A2 A-Trend Technology Co., Ltd.
A3 Aquarius Systems, Inc. (ASI)
A5 AXIOM Technology Co., Ltd.
A7 AVT Industrial Ltd.
A8 Adcom
AB Aopen Inc.
AD Amaquest Computer Corp.
AK Advantech Co., Ltd.
AT ASK Technology Ltd.
AX Achitec
B0 Biostar Microtech Corp.
B1 BEK-Tronic Technology
B2 Boser Technology Co., Ltd.
B3BCM Advanced Research
BK Albatron Computer Corp.
C0 Chaintech Computer Co., Ltd.
C1 Clevo Co.
C2 Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd.
C3Chaintech Computer Co., Ltd.
C5 Chaplet Systems Inc.
C9 CompuTrend Systems, Inc.
CF Flagpoint
CS CSS Laboratories
CV California Graphics USA Distribution
D0 DataExpert Corp.
D1DTK Computer, Inc. (Advance Creative Computer)
D2 Digital Equipment Corp. (Purchased by Compaq)
D3 American Digicom Corp.
D4 Diamond Flower Electric Instrument Co.
D7 Daewoo Telecom
D8 Nature Worldwide Technology Corp.
DE Dual Technology Corp.
DI Domex Computer Services (DTC)
DJ Darter Technology Inc.
DL Delta Electronics, Inc.
E1 Elitegroup Computer Co., Ltd.
E3 EFA Corp.
E4 ESPCo (Elite Spirit Co., Ltd.)
E6 Elonex PLC
EC ENPC Technology Corp.
EO Evalue Technology Inc.
F0 First International Computer, Inc.
F1 Flytech Group International
F2 Flexus Computer Technology Inc.
F3 Full Yes Industrial Corp.
F5 FuguTech
F8 Formosa Industrial Computing, Inc.
F9 Ford Lian International Ltd.
FG Fastfame Technology Co., Ltd.
G0 Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
G3 Gemlight Computer Ltd.
G5 GVC Corp.
G9 Global Circuit Technology
G9 C.P. Technology Co. Ltd.
GA Giantec Inc.
GE Globe Legate Co. Ltd
H0 PC Chips Manufacturing2 (Hsing Tech)
H2 Shuttle Computer Group Inc. (Holco)
HH HighTech Information System
HJ Sono Computer Co., Ltd.
I3 Iwill Corp.
I4 Inventa
I5 Informtech International Ltd.
I7 Inlog Microsystem Co Ltd
IC Inventec Corp.
IE Industrial Technology Research Institute
J1 Jetway Information Co. Ltd.
J1 J-Mark Computer Corp.
J2 Jamicon Electronics
J3 J-Bond
J4 Jetta International Inc.
J6 Joss Technology Ltd.
K0 Kapok Corp.
K1 Kaimei Corp.
KF KINPO Electronic
L1 Lucky Star Technology Co., Ltd.
L7 Lanner Electronics Inc.
L9 Lucky Tiger
LB Leadtek
M0 Matra
M2 MyComp
M3 Mitac
M4 Micro-Star International Co., Ltd.
M8 Mustek Corp.
M9 Micro Leader Enterprises
MH Macrotek
MP Maxtium Computer Corp.
N0 Nexcom
NX Nexar
O0 Ocean Office Automation Ltd.
P1 PC Chips
P6 Protech
P8 AZZA Technology Inc.
P9 Powertech
PA EPoX Computer Co., Ltd.
PC Pine Technology
PF President (Formerly Wang Labs)
PK ALD Technology Ltd.
PN Procomp Informatics Ltd.
PR Super Grace Electronics Ltd.
PS Palmax
PX Pionix
Q0 Quanta
Q1 QDI (Quantum Designs Ltd.)
R0 Rise Computer Inc.
R2 Rectron
R3 Datavan International Corp.
R9 RSAP Technology
RA RioWorks Solutions Inc.
S2 Soyo Computer Inc.
S3 Smart D&M Technology Co., Ltd.
S5 Holco Enterprise Co., Ltd.
S9 Spring Circle Computer Inc.
SA Seanix
SC Sukjung (Auhua Electronics Co. Ltd.)
SE New Tech
SH Luckytech Technology Co. Ltd.
SJ Sowah (H.K.) Limited
SM Hope Vision, SuperPower, San Li
SN Soltek
SX Super Micro Computer, Inc.
T0 Twinhead
T4 Taken
T5 Tyan Computer Corp.
T6 Trigem
TB Taeli (Techmedia)
TG Tekram
TJ Totem Technology Co., Ltd.
TL Transcend Information, Inc.
TP Taiwan Commate Computer Inc.
TR Top Star
TW T&W Electronics (CZ) Co., Ltd.
TX Tsann Kuen Enterprise Co., Ltd. (EUPA Computer)
TY Aeton Technology Inc.
U0 U-Board
U1 Universal Scientific Industrial
U2 UHC Advanced Integration Research
U3 Umax
U4 Unicorn Computer Corp.
U6 Unitron
U9 Warp Speed Ink.
V3 VTech (PC Partner Ltd.)
V5 Vision Top
V6 Vobis
V7 YKM (Dayton Micron)
W0 WinTechnologies (Edom)
W1 Well Join Industry Co., Ltd.
W5 Winco Electronics
W7 Win  Lan Enterprise
W9 Weal Union Development Ltd.
XA ADLink Technology Inc.
X3 ACORP International
X5 Arima Computer Corp.
Y2 Yamashita Engineering Manuf., Inc.
Z1 Zida Technologies Ltd.
Z3 ShenZhen Zeling Industrial Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer specific

1    This character may not be present. If you don't see an "i" or "s" in the 6th position, then the next two characters represent the manufacturer code.
2    PC Chips is just an OEM distributor for Hsing Tech.

The last group of digits, which in the case of the string "04/30/98-537+UMC8670F-2A5LDH09C-00" is "00", specify the BIOS version with "00" representing the initial release.

If I look up the chipset code 2A5LD, I see it corresponds to the VIA Apollo VPX (VXPro+) chipset. And I do see a Via chip next to the Award BIOS chip on the motherboard. The H0 after 2A5LD identifies the motherboard manufacturer as PC Chips, a distributor for Hsing Tech. At the Plasma Online website, I see that the Matsonic MS-5120 motherboard uses a VXPro+ chipset and is identical to the PC Chips M537DMA33 motherboard, so now I may be able to find a manual at the website for one of those companies which will tell me the maximum amount of memory the motherboard will support.

I went to the Matsonic website first. This company does a poor job of technical support. Not only didn't they put the model number on the motherboard, they don't provide any on-line manuals and I couldn't find any information at all on the site for the MS-5120 motherboard.

So I then went to the USA website for PC Chips at Fortunately, this company provides a manual for the M537D motherboard at However, that manual doesn't match my motherboard, since the USB connector on my motherboard isn't between the ISA and PCI slots as depicted in the manual, nor do the Via chip numbers shown in the manual match the numbers on the ones on my motherboard.

Fortunately, a Google search did provide a link to a site with Matsonic manuals. The manual for the MS-5120 motherboard indicates it can handle a maximum of 384 MB of memory. The manual states SIMM 3,4 and DIMM1 can not be use at the same time.


  1. IC Book
  2. ID HW

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