Perl Programs

birdseyerun pings, traceroutes, and whois and finger queries from a webpage plus obtain system uptime, etc.
blacklistsquery blacklists
Blosxom a lightweight yet feature-packed weblog application
blqquery blacklists
Calendar calendar plugin for Blosxom blog
find-modules display the list of all Perl modules present on a system
find-recipients search a sendmail log file for all messages sent by a specified sender
get_arp get ARP table from Cisco devices
ibmonitor interactive bandwidth monitor
kripp capture passwords in use on the network; can be used to monitor dictionary attacks against your servers
list-modules produces an HTML file showing all installed Perl modules on a system
Lister produces a list of all the installed Perl modules on a system; can be run from a shell prompt or as a CGI script.
perlmodver provide the version number for a Perl module
pxytest detect proxy server


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