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Fri, Feb 18, 2005 8:08 pm

WAV Files Using IMA ADPCM Codec Not Playing

A user was unable to play some wav files on her Windows XP Professional system. When I checked the codec used in the file, I found it was the IMA ADPCM codec. Though her system was showing that codec as being installed, Windows Media Player and WinAmp would not play it. I had to reinstall the codec.

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Fri, Feb 18, 2005 5:46 pm

Fonts supplied with Windows XP

I've listed below the fonts that Microsoft states it supplies with Windows XP. All of these may not necessarily be installed with a typical Windows XP installation. See Fonts Installed by Windows XP for a list of fonts typicall installed with Windows XP.

For Windows 95, 98 and ME, you can install a maximum of approximately 1,000 fonts. With versions of Windows from NT onwards, i.e. NT, 2000, and XP, there is no limit on the number of files that can be installed. However, the time required to boot your system increases as you add fonts, because the system has to read in information for all of the installed fonts as it is booting.

Font Name Font File
Aharoni Bold ahronbd.ttf
Andalus andlso.ttf
Angsana New angsa.ttf
Angsana New Bold angsab.ttf
Angsana New Bold Italic angsaz.ttf
Angsana New Italic angsai.ttf
AngsanaUPC angsau.ttf
AngsanaUPC Bold angsaub.ttf
AngsanaUPC Bold Italic angsauz.ttf
AngsanaUPC Italic angsaui.ttf
Arabic Transparent artro.ttf
Arabic Transparent Bold artrbdo.ttf
Arial arial.ttf
Arial Black ariblk.ttf
Arial Bold arialbd.ttf
Arial Bold Italic arialbi.ttf
Arial Italic ariali.ttf
Browallia New browa.ttf
Browallia New Bold browab.ttf
Browallia New Bold Italic browaz.ttf
Browallia New Italic browai.ttf
BrowalliaUPC browau.ttf
BrowalliaUPC Bold browaub.ttf
BrowalliaUPC Bold Italic browauz.ttf
BrowalliaUPC Italic browaui.ttf
Comic Sans MS comic.ttf
Comic Sans MS Bold comicbd.ttf
Cordia New cordia.ttf
Cordia New Bold cordiab.ttf
Cordia New Bold Italic cordiaz.ttf
Cordia New Italic cordiai.ttf
CordiaUPC cordiau.ttf
CordiaUPC Bold cordiaub.ttf
CordiaUPC Bold Italic cordiauz.ttf
CordiaUPC Italic cordiaui.ttf
Courier New cour.ttf
Courier New Bold courbd.ttf
Courier New Bold Italic courbi.ttf
Courier New Italic couri.ttf
David david.ttf
David Bold davidbd.ttf
David Transparent davidtr.ttf
DilleniaUPC upcdl.ttf
DilleniaUPC Bold upcdb.ttf
DilleniaUPC Bold Italic upcdbi.ttf
DilleniaUPC Italic upcdi.ttf
Estrangelo Edessa estre.ttf
EucrosiaUPC upcel.ttf
EucrosiaUPC Bold upceb.ttf
EucrosiaUPC Bold Italic upcebi.ttf
EucrosiaUPC Italic upcei.ttf
Fixed Miriam Transparent mriamfx.ttf
Franklin Gothic Medium framd.ttf
Franklin Gothic Medium Italic framdit.ttf
FrankRuehl frank.ttf
FreesiaUPC upcfl.ttf
FreesiaUPC Bold upcfb.ttf
FreesiaUPC Bold Italic upcfbi.ttf
FreesiaUPC Italic upcfi.ttf
Gautami gautami.ttf
Georgia georgia.ttf
Georgia Bold georgiab.ttf
Georgia Bold Italic georgiaz.ttf
Georgia Italic georgiai.ttf
Impact impact.ttf
IrisUPC upcil.ttf
IrisUPC Bold upcib.ttf
IrisUPC Bold Italic upcibi.ttf
IrisUPC Italic upcii.ttf
JasmineUPC upcjl.ttf
JasmineUPC Bold upcjb.ttf
JasmineUPC Bold Italic upcjbi.ttf
JasmineUPC Italic upcji.ttf
KodchiangUPC upckl.ttf
KodchiangUPC Bold upckb.ttf
KodchiangUPC Bold Italic upckbi.ttf
KodchiangUPC Italic upcki.ttf
Latha latha.ttf
Levenim MT lvnm.ttf
Levenim MT Bold lvnmbd.ttf
LilyUPC upcll.ttf
LilyUPC Bold upclb.ttf
LilyUPC Bold Italic upclbi.ttf
LilyUPC Italic upcli.ttf
Lucida Console lucon.ttf
Lucida Sans Unicode l_10646.ttf
Mangal mangal.ttf
Marlett marlett.ttf
Microsoft Sans Serif micross.ttf
Miriam mriam.ttf
Miriam Fixed mriamc.ttf
Miriam Transparent mriamtr.ttf
MV Boli mvboli.ttf
Narkisim nrkis.ttf
Palatino Linotype pala.ttf
Palatino Linotype Bold palab.ttf
Palatino Linotype Bold Italic palabi.ttf
Palatino Linotype Italic palai.ttf
Raavi raavi.ttf
Rod rod.ttf
Rod Transparent rodtr.ttf
Shruti shruti.ttf
Simplified Arabic simpo.ttf
Simplified Arabic Bold simpbdo.ttf
Simplified Arabic Fixed simpfxo.ttf
Sylfaen sylfaen.ttf
Symbol symbol.ttf
Tahoma tahoma.ttf
Tahoma Bold tahomabd.ttf
Times New Roman times.ttf
Times New Roman Bold timesbd.ttf
Times New Roman Bold Italic timesbi.ttf
Times New Roman Italic timesi.ttf
Traditional Arabic trado.ttf
Traditional Arabic Bold tradbdo.ttf
Trebuchet MS trebuc.ttf
Trebuchet MS Bold trebucbd.ttf
Trebuchet MS Bold Italic trebucbi.ttf
Trebuchet MS Italic trebucit.ttf
Tunga tunga.ttf
Verdana verdana.ttf
Verdana Bold verdanab.ttf
Verdana Bold Italic verdanaz.ttf
Verdana Italic verdanai.ttf
Webdings webdings.ttf
Wingdings wingding.ttf
SimHei simhei.ttf
FangSong_GB2312 simfang.ttf
DFKai-SB kaiu.ttf
KaiTi_GB2312 simkai.ttf
Batang batang.ttc
Gulim gulim.ttc
Mingliu mingliu.ttc
MS Gothic msgothic.ttc
MS Mincho msmincho.ttc
Simsun simsun.ttc


  1. Fonts supplied with Windows XP
    Microsoft Corporation
    November 20, 2001
  2. Fonts Installed by Windows XP
    Styopkin Software
  3. Windows Font Limit
    Styopkin Software

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