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Sun, Oct 16, 2005 3:33 pm

Outlook Error 0x800CCC0D

If you receive an error similar to the following when sending and receiving email with Outlook, check that the domain name for the email server is valid.

Task ' - Sending and Receiving' reported error (0x800CCC0D) : 'Unable to find the e-mail server. Please verify the server information in your account properties.'

A user reported that she could no longer send and receive email. I had her attempt to connect to port 25 on her email server from a command prompt with telnet, e.g. telnet 25. She was able to connect and received the SMTP server's prompt. I then had her try to connect to the POP3 port, port 110, with telnet 110. Again, she was successful, and was able to enter the user and pass commands to access her email on the server. But when I tried to lookup the IP address of the mail server, e.g. with nslookup, I received the response "*** can't find Server failed". I then discovered that the DNS service for the user's domain name had expired and needed to be renewed.

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Wed, Oct 05, 2005 11:26 pm

Euniverse Updater and Broadcasturban Tuner

When I scanned a system, J, on October 5, 2005 with Microsoft AntiSpyware, it found Euniverse Updater, though that appeared to be a false positive, and Broadcasturban Tuner.

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