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Mon, Aug 22, 2016 11:45 pm

Substituting characters for a matched regular expression in vi

The vi editor is a screen-oriented text editor that supports regular expressions for pattern matching and character substitution. Vim which stands for "Vi IMproved" is a clone of vi and recognizes similar commands.

If you want to replace or insert characters at the beginning of a line, the line beginning is represented by the caret character, i.e., ^ (Shift-6 on a standard computer keyboard), and line endings are represented by the dollar sign character, i.e., $.

E.g., the following quote has three occurences of the word "us". If I wanted to replace only the "us" at the end of the line with "ourselves", I could hit the colon key while not in vi's insert mode, which would give me a colon prompt and then enter s /us$/ourselves/ which would replace the occurence of "us" at the end of the lne with "ourselves".

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