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Sun, Dec 11, 2016 9:19 pm

Changing the time for a Windows 10 automatic restart

When an automatic reboot has been scheduled for a Microsoft Windows 10 system after an operating system (OS) update, you will be warned that the system will be rebooted. The system shouldn't be rebooted while you are actively using it, but it could reboot after you've stepped away from the system temporarily for a short time when the OS deems the system is idle, if the time is outside what the OS considers the "active hours" for the system, i.e., the hours you would be expected to be using it normally. Windows view of what are "active hours" may be different than your view, however. You can check on what hours it deems to be the "active ones" for your PC and change the time it is scheduled to reboot automatically by bringing up the Windows Update settings window by the following steps.

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